A unique, for credit program, designed to meet the needs of international students starting their academic journey at UNBC

Start your education in Canada on the right path. uTREK is UNBC’s transition program for incoming international undergraduate students that offers university credits toward your degree while helping you develop your English-language proficiency.

You will be enrolled in a mix of undergraduate classes, with your uTREK peers as well as take undergraduate classes with other UNBC students. uTREK instructors will ensure you receive the support you need to successfully move through the uTREK program.

Please note that the uTREK program is currently on hold and there is no confirmed start date for the program. However, in the meantime please read on to see what uTREK will offer you.

Why uTREK?

  • Earn up to 29 first-year credits toward a Bachelor’s Degree in Sciences
  • Access specialized educational resources and transition support systems designed for your success.
  • Develop the foundational academic skills to excel at UNBC - one of Canada’s best small, research-intensive, universities.

Program Overview

Length of Program: Three consecutive semesters (Fall, Winter and Spring)

Admission requirements: 5.5 IELTS score as well as meeting the academic requirements for admission to UNBC’s undergraduate programs.

How to Apply and Application Deadlines: Details on how to apply will be added shortly

Tuition and Fees: Details on tuition and fees will be updated once the program has been fully approved by UNBC.

More about the program

uTREK is a three-term program uniquely designed for first-year international students transitioning to an undergraduate degree at UNBC. The program focuses on building the academic foundation you need to succeed at the university level by strengthening your English, building your academic research, writing and communication skills all while completing your first-year of studies.

As a student, you will have access to an educational-support staff that is dedicated to easing your transition and preparing you for the academic rigors of university. Upon completion, you will have enough credits to begin second-year courses and be on the right track to earning your degree.

Students admitted to uTREK will be registered at UNBC as a first-year, full-time undergraduate student. The uTREK program complies with all the requirements of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Further, students in this program, who progress onto degree completion will be eligible for a Post-Graduate work permit.