Employer names bargaining team

UNBC Faculty Association
November 23, 2022

The University’s administrative team has a high level of confidence in the future of UNBC which is based on trust in its people. We want to continue to build strong relationships with the Faculty Association as we work toward a negotiated agreement that enhances our reputation as one of the nation’s leading research universities, and ensures we have a workplace and agreement that supports the aspirational position of the university.  To that end, UNBC has appointed the negotiation team of Dr. Rebecca Schiff, Dean, HHSC, Dr. Ronald Camp, Dean FBE, and Dr. Bill Owen, Vice Provost Faculty Relations, with Geoff Tierney, of geofftierneylaw, as the Employer’s lead negotiator. Geoff is currently leading negotiations for several BC universities and has previously led negotiations for the University of Alberta and for McMaster University.  He is known for his professionalism, integrity, familiarity with the post-secondary sector nationally, and his attention to positive relationships with faculty unions.