Updates from the Implementation Working Group and Office of Faculty Relations

UNBC Faculty Association
July 6, 2021

Dear UNBC Community,

As we begin a new academic year, it is a privilege to provide updates from both the Implementation Working Group, a working group from the Faculty Association and University focused on the transition to the new collective agreement, and the Office of Faculty Relations.

Implementation Working Group

In late April, we identified our short-term goals in a communication to the UNBC community. Today, I am pleased to share with you that the last of those goals, proofreading and distribution of the new Collective Agreement, is complete.

Thank you to Christa Florell, Tracy Deck, Donna Sindaco and Dr. Ian Hartley for all your painstaking edits, reviews and proofreading of the final document. Currently, the Collective Agreement is in a single document. We plan on making the document a little more user friendly by having links to the relevant Articles within this Collective Agreement.

The Implementation Working Group will now focus on the longer-term goals associated with establishing the working groups outlined in the Collective Agreement including Tenure and Promotion Appeal Process, Intellectual Property, Librarians and Senior Lab Instructors Compensation, and the Salary Anomalies Committee.

Office of Faculty Relations

The Office of Faculty Relations was established as of April 1, 2021. This Office serves to work with Faculty Members, Deans, Human Resources and the Faculty Association to support employment matters in a manner that facilitates positive relationships. During the early months we focused on supporting the transition to the new collective agreement, including the tenure and promotion process. I want to thank Dr. Ian Hartley for helping the Deans in establishing the new Faculty Tenure and Promotion Committees. Thank you to the Faculty Members, Senior Instructors, Senior Laboratory Instructors, and Librarians who volunteered their time to participate in the upcoming promotion, tenure, and continuing processes.

Working with Dr. Catherine Nolin, the Faculty Association Grievance Officer prior to July 1, the University and Faculty Association held several productive conversations that led to the resolution or settlement of more than a dozen outstanding grievances.   Communication and working towards a common understanding of the issues at hand were important to addressing these grievances. I look forward to working with Dr. Jacqueline Holler while Dr. Nolin is on a sabbatical.

Last month, the University and Faculty Association hosted a meeting on tenure and promotion, as well as an information session for Chairs and Deans regarding Article 30 (Teaching Workload). This fall, we will be working together to host more information sessions, including sessions for Chairs and Appointment Selection Committees regarding the faculty hiring processes.

It has been a positive and productive beginning for this Office! This new era of improved labour relations is due to the affirmative and forward-thinking conversations with our UNBC community members, including the Chairs, Deans, Provost, President, the Faculty Association Executive and Human Resources. 

Bill Owen

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