Mathematical Academic Centre for Excellence (MACE)

Teaching and Learning Building - Room 10-2088

The Mathematical Academic Centre for Excellence is available for use by students taking courses with high mathematics content.  The room can be used for working in groups or for getting help from tutors and faculty who are available approximately 20 hours per week. The space is supported by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and the Academic Success Centre.

Academic Success Centre

The Academic Success Centre offers a variety of one-to-one and drop-in tutoring services for assistance with mathematics, physics, computer science, commerce, and economics coursework, as well as learning strategies and writing across the disciplines. In addition, we provide specialized services for students who are learning English and peer-led learning programs such as Supplemental Instruction.  To ensure quality service in all learning environments, all of our tutors and peer leaders receive on-going certified training. All of the Academic Success Centre services are absolutely FREE to UNBC students! We invite you to come by and check out our services. We are located on the first floor of the Library Building. 

Mathematical library resources

The library has an ever increasing collection of mathematics and computer science books and journals. Browsers should go into the Q and QA stack sections. Several journals are specifically for undergraduate students. The Mathematics department has subscriptions for:

  • Crux Mathematicorum (CMS)
  • Fibonacci Quarterly
  • The Mathematical Gazette (from England)
  • Journal of Recreational Mathematics
  • The Mathematical Intelligencer
  • The College Mathematics Journal (from the MAA)
  • American Mathematical Monthly
  • Byte
  • Full Set of the ACM journals and special interest group newsletters
Other library resources include:

Math Society discussion board

Links of interest