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Who are We? We are scientists and researchers committed to Education. Service. Research. And Innovation. We are the NALS. 

And we educate our young people to be environmental leaders through research engagement that lead toward innovative solutions.

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What are We?

The University of Northern British Columbia is home to an extensive suite of analytical science instrumentation that enables a broad spectrum of in-house biological, chemical, and physical analyses. We provide exclusively in-house services available to the private, public and non-profit sectors to help meet their research, development and quality assurance needs through the Northern Analytical Laboratory Service. 

The UNBC Northern Analytical Laboratory Service has a mission to contribute to the development and application of sound, well-documented science-based knowledge to support faculty research and client-based analytical services. The NALS is committed to providing analytical services, the pursuit and advancement of scientific knowledge, and the training of students aimed at creating highly qualified professionals capable of contributing to industry in their future careers.

The NALS has over 20 high-performance equipment and is has worked with regional, provincial, national, and international clients to meet their service/research needs.

The NALS is committed to offering solutions for community analytical problems. This locally available/in-house services will benefit industry, particularly in the water management, mining, forestry and bioenergy sectors, and allow their projects to proceed on time and on budget.

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Research and Education

One of our goals is to make the lab’s services more responsive to the needs of researchers and corporate clients throughout Northern BC. As a state-of-the-art education and research facility, the Northern Analytical Laboratory Service will develop analytical methodologies at UNBC for both students and external clients.

The facility’s Analytical Support Specialists regularly participate in research activities to develop and validate new analytical methods. UNBC representatives are available to provide sound advice in the selection of analytical methods for clients in a wide spectrum of industries.
In addition to analytical services, the equipment and resources available through the Northern Analytical Laboratory Service will be used for academic and skills training for UNBC students. Training services are also available for clients who may wish to improve the knowledge and skills of their staff in their own labs.

Collaboration with Industry

With access to some of the top experts and researchers in northern BC, the Northern Analytical Laboratory Service will build mutually beneficial partnerships with local industries.

From testing specific samples to partnership in  R&D projects by providing technical and scientific supports, the Northern Analytical Laboratory Service has the capacity to assist industrial clients with their research and development needs.

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Access to the NALS Services

NALS at UNBC main campus ( Prince George) is open to provide professional analytical services on research and development projects (e.g. water, soil, plants and air) and also to promote research collaborations with Northern BC communities and industries. All of the off-campus clients including, industries and private sectors, governmental organization and other educational institutions, please contact us through our booking form to discuss your projects.  We love to hear from you!

Quality and Reliable Analyses

The Northern Analytical Laboratory Services operates a Quality Assurance System in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025-2005 protocols and is now accredited through the EWQA as a Water Microbiology Testing Laboratory since May 20, 2021. The NALS has also obtained Standards council of Canada lab accreditation to ISO 17025 for numerous analytical tests. They also will be participating in a wide range of annual proficiency testing programs to confirm that the analytical systems and methodologies used are accurate and precise.

For a copy of the PHO approval certificate click here: nals_water_microbiology_testing_lab_approval_certificate_2021.pdf

For a copy of the SCC, ISO 17025 certificate click here: asb_ctf_151251_university-of-northern-british_columbia-northern-analytical-laboratory-service-certificate_v1_2021-09-22_6.pdf

Please download and fill the following analysis request form when you submit  your sample(s): nals_analysisrequestform_frm_20210610_rev1_4.pdf

"UNBC is one of the most research intensive universities in Canada, which has lead to world-class leadership in areas such as natural resources and the environment; rural, remote and northern health; and the sustainability of communities." — Western Economic Diversification