Health Research

The research program within the Northern Medical Program (NMP) utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to address fundamental questions under the overarching theme of health research. This mission is accomplished through faculty member's individual research programs with a view to improving health outcomes and influence health policy for the betterment of northern individuals, Canadians and people worldwide.

The faculty are actively engaged in research that encompasses three distinct themes that include:

  1. Basic medical sciences
  2. Medical education
  3. Health epidemiology

The research teams are fully collaborative with stakeholders in the region such as The Northern Health Authority and National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health in addition to other research teams nationally and internationally.

Basic Sciences

Faculty research programs engaged in basic science projects involve such areas as understanding the linkages between the microcirculation and the immune system, calcium signalling in smooth muscle in relation to normal physiology and how changes in calcium can promote the onset of such diseases as hypertension. Other projects include changes in cellular signalling promoting the onset of type-1 diabetes. Overall, there is a diverse and high profile research of the NMP’s basic science faculty.

Medical Education

Faculty research programs in medical education involve such areas as assessment, curriculum development, admissions and professionalism in multiple areas under these themes. The theme of these research projects is aimed at providing insight into the teaching of medical students and understanding how training in a rural environment influences their career choices.

Health Epidemiology

Faculty research programs in health epidemiology can range from understanding the incidence and treatment of breast cancer sufferers in northern regions, evaluating significant health disparities between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples, both in Canada and around the world, and developing health policies to improve northern individuals access to healthcare.

The Northern Medical Program is fully committed to developing and fostering a fully integrated research program that actively engages the community.