Living & Working in the North

Become Part of a Great Community and Great Medical Community

NMP Faculty Deveopment WorkshopThe northern medical community is a great working environment where medical professionals come together in a spirit of congeniality, teamwork, learning and supportiveness. Working in Northern BC provides an opportunity to work with a range of health care professionals in a truly collaborative environment.

Recreation Opportunities for Everyone

Northern BC is a recreational playground that offers access to summer and winter opportunities for people of all ages. The summer months offer countless places to go hiking, biking, fishing, climbing or camping. Winter opportunities include downhill and cross country skiing, snowboarding, skating, and snowmobiling.

Nature Knocking at Your Door

Hiking in Northern BCTake a step outside into nature's backyard and you'll experience an amazing array of rugged mountains, pristine lakes and clear blue skies. This region has a rich, pioneering history that provides opportunities to experience ancient cultures and a world-class system of stunning parks. Untouched, unexplored spaces abound everywhere.

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Quality of Life and Affordable Lifestyle

Positive quality of life attributes makes living in the north very attractive. The cost of housing is much lower and access to amenities such as education, retail, arts, culture and sports is excellent. In the North, there is no traffic congestion and getting around in your community only takes minutes.

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The Northern Spirit Is Alive in Everyone

The sense of community has already drawn many medical professionals to the region. The northern spirit breeds a sense of friendliness, openness and honesty among many of the residents. The region's communities come together in work and play to support each other. We think you'll find that northern BC has so much to offer you!