NMP Office of Research Services

The Office of Research Services is committed to assisting Northern Medical Program researchers in attaining the highest standards of research, using a multidisciplinary approach to address fundamental questions under the overarching theme of health research; and to building partnerships to be innovative, resourceful and responsive to critical and essential areas of research.

Support Areas

  • Grant/Ethics facilitation, submission and support
  • Communication
  • Funding (eg. seed grants, summer student research projects)
  • Strategic partnerships and liaisons (eg. HRI, BCCRIN)
  • Post-award support and reporting

Research Project Assistance

Applying for funding or bringing funds into UNBC?
Please submit a UNBC Grant and Contract Form, along with a copy of your proposal, to the Office of Research.

Awarded Funding?
Please contact the NMP Research Office to arrange a meeting to discuss project setup.

Hiring a Research Assistant/Associate/Postdoc?
Student Contract (student must demonstrate enrolment at an academic institution)
Research Stipend (please see parameters for payment on form)
UNBC Employment Position: For positions such as Research Associate, Research Manager, Postdoctoral Fellow, etc., please contact the NMP HR Advisor and NMP Research Office to discuss all hiring details/options.

Contracting services for a project
Please draft a set of contract deliverables and complete a Research Services Contract Request form, OR a General Contract Services Request form (not available online; contact the NMP Research Office to obtain form). The contract request must be submitted to Purchasing through UNBC’s web requisitioning system.

PLEASE NOTE: If the contractor does not have a WCB number, they will need to request a “status determination” letter from WorksafeBC so that they can be added to UNBC’s WCB coverage (contractor must submit a WorkSafeBC Form 1800 ‘Employer’s Registration Application). This letter should be submitted to Purchasing with the contract request.

Sending funds to a different institution
Please complete a Funding Transfer Agreement; submit to Purchasing through UNBC’s web requisitioning system.

Please see the NMP Research Travel flow chart for complete instructions on how to book your travel.

Hosting an event or meeting?
To be reimbursed for meeting expenses against a UNBC research account, or to reconcile charges against a UNBC MasterCard, an Event-Meeting Attendance Form outlining all attendees must be included.

Participant incentives for research
Honourariums via cheque:
A cheque requisition for each person must be submitted to UNBC Finance FOUR WEEKS PRIOR to required date and must include a thank-you letter; please provide these to the NMP Research Office
Gift Cards & Physical Gifts:
These can be purchased using personal funds or a UNBC MasterCard. However, a purchase receipt MUST be provided and participants need to sign a Research Participation Payment Distribution Log (PLEASE NOTE: The log should be used to track all incentives disbursed for your project).

Please contact the NMP Research Office at any time if you have any questions. We are here to help!