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The Northern Medical Program needs teachers, both family and specialty physicians and health science professionals, who can offer inspired, meaningful education that will encourage students to practice in BC's northern, rural and remote communities. We also need researchers that are looking for breakthroughs in rural, aboriginal and environmental health issues to join our program.

As a distributed site of UBC’s Faculty of Medicine MD Undergraduate Program, we are part of Canada's most innovative medical training program and look forward to working with you in our unique and exciting environment.

For more information on how to join the NMP, please contact us via: facdevnorth@unbc.ca

Why Teach in Our Faculty

Physicians and health science professionals teach for a number of reasons. Some really enjoy working with and teaching enthusiastic students; some feel that it is important to showcase their discipline or their community to ensure future recruitment, while others find education adds interest to their day-to-day clinical work and helps to keep them up to date.

Most physicians and health science professionals have the skills to teach. Students are provided the facts, but they don't have the wisdom of practice or real world experience. That is what they really need to learn, and they can only learn it from you - a practicing physician, health care provider or educator!

Teaching Opportunities: Years 1 & 2

Case Based Learning (CBL) Tutor

CBL is a small, 8-student group discussion environment with Year 1 and 2 students to help facilitate the development of clinical reasoning and decision making. These sessions integrate foundational science concepts with the clinical curriculum, providing a structured environment for development of cognitive skills.

Cases increase in complexity over time, allowing students the opportunity to critically think about information presented each week and identify key case points. Tutors receive a tutor guide and participate in pre/post CBL meetings, which prepare tutors in advance for upcoming sessions. 

Commitment: 4-5 weeks, 4-6 hours per week, depending on year of study; generally on campus at UNBC.

Family Practice Preceptor

This experience is scheduled in a comprehensive family practice office, allowing development of clinical knowledge and skills in a clinical setting with real patients, prior to entering clinical clerkship. Students learn the principles of family medicine and have the opportunity to enhance interviewing and physical exam skills under the supervision of a family physician. Over time, students will begin to understand the process of arriving at a diagnosis and formulating a treatment plan.

Commitment: 7 two-hour sessions per semester plus feedback; Tues-Fri mornings or afternoons.

Clinical Skills Tutorteaching in the NMP

Tutor a small student group to demonstrate a clinical skill in a range of disciplines with a volunteer patient. 

Commitment: Session length varies depending on content taught; generally 2-3 hours at UHNBC, Tues-Fri. afternoons.

Seminar or Workshop Leader

Facilitate small group seminars and workshops, such as Concussion or ECG Workshop.

Commitment: One 2-3 hour session.

Teaching Opportunities: Years 3 & 4

Rural Family Practice Preceptor

Introduces students to a family physician, or team of family physicians, practicing in a rural community. It gives students an understanding of the total health care of individuals and their community, including the philosophy of medical care that looks after patients from birth to death and from home to hospital and back home. The focus is on students participating in the active delivery of care in a clinic (vs. a hospital) where they can apply their learnings and discover what more they need to learn.

Commitment: 3.5 days per week over a 4 week rotation within the year.

Seminar or Workshop Leader for Year 4 Preparation for Medical Practice Course

Put your name forth to facilitate small group seminars and workshops for our exiting Year 4 students. 

Commitment: These sessions are usually 2-3 hours and occur during the late winter months.           

Year 4 Elective Preceptor

During fourth year, students participate in senior clinical training opportunities in a variety of disciplines under the guidance of a family or specialty preceptor. 

Commitment: 3.5 days per week over a 4 week rotation within the year.

Teaching Opportunities: All Years

Portfolio Coach

As a Portfolio Coach,facilitate collaborative learning by sharing information and experiences on topics of inquiry with an 8-student group.

Commitment: 3 to 4 in-person coach training sessions of 1.5 hours each; provide online feedback to student submissions.

OSCE Examiner

Be an examiner for the OSCE!       

Commitment:  6 hours on a weekend day throughout the year. Faculty development is available.

FLEX Advisor

The Flexible Enhanced Learning course is new, with an increased focus on scholarship and flexible opportunities for students to pursue various scholarly projects over their four years in the MDUP.

Commitment: Advisors guide a student group of 8 through this process on Mondays in face-to-face meetings and by providing online feedback.

FLEX Project Supervisor

Supervise, mentor and provide feedback to a student in a scholarly project in an area of mutual interest. 

Commitment:  Varies depending on project or deliverable negotiated.