Code of Conduct

1. The Northern Sport Centre has zero tolerance towards violence or threats of violence to Staff, Members, and the Public. This includes but is not limited to:

  • any act of physical assault, verbal assaults, threats and attempts to intimidate
  • throwing of articles in a deliberate or aggressive manner
  • aggressively approaching another individual, or striking another individual
  • attempting to incite violence in others in or around the Facility.  

Those demonstrating inappropriate behaviour or language will be declined entry or asked to leave. Their membership may be cancelled. They may be banned from the facility.

2.  Some inappropriate behaviour that is prohibited, but is not limited to, wearing clothing or displaying offensive materials, words, and images that contravene the BC Human Rights Code, engaging in vandalism, littering, use of profanity, and spitting.

3.  All members must fob in at the front desk. Non-members must pay the drop-in fee. Members who share their Fob may result in facility access being suspended or revoked. Forgotten Fobs may result in a $2 charge.

4.  All facility users must either pay for parking or have their NSC parking permit clearly visible on vehicle dash or hanging from rear view mirror.

5. Northern Sport Centre is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen property.  

6.  Clean and return equipment to its proper place after use.

7.  Please be courteous to other members when working out and allow them access to equipment when not in use. Please limit the use of cell phones when not using equipment to allow other users access.

8. Cell phones and camera enabled devices are prohibited in all locker rooms.

9. If you are using a Personal Trainer or sport-specific Coach/Trainer within the confines of the Northern Sport Centre, it must be with one of our certified trainers or partners. For liability and legal reasons, we cannot permit clients to bring outside personal trainers.

10.  Solicitation of any type is prohibited

11.  Food and liquid (other than water) is not permitted in the following areas: Gymnasium, Studios, Strength Rooms, Track, and Fields. Closed-top water bottles are permitted.

12.  As per the provincial Tobacco Reduction Act, smoking in public places and workplaces is prohibited. Smoking of any kind, including electronic/vapour is prohibited inside the Northern Sport Centre and within ten feet from the doorway, window, or air intake.

13.  Ensure that you are planning your visit to be out of the facility by the time the doors are locked when the facility closes.