Programs and Courses

UNBC offers an array of courses in the Northwest, including part-time graduate programs, undergraduate courses and programs offered in partnership with local colleges. Face to face, teleconference and web courses are offered and accessible in Terrace each semester, and unique programming is even available through special summer institutes.

Northwest Course Offerings

Spring/Summer 2022

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Arts (General) with Minors in:
Bachelor of Education
Bachelor of Science (Integrated)
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Bachelor of Social Work
  • School of Social Work
  • School of Social Work - Child Welfare Specialization
  • School of Social Work - First Nations Specialization
  • School of Social Work

Graduate Programs

Master of Business Administration *
Master in Disability Management *
Master of Education
Master of Science in Nursing*

Certificates and Diplomas

First Nations Languages
First Nations Studies
Continuing Studies

Delivery Methods

UNBC offers courses at all of its campuses using a variety of delivery methods. With the exception of web courses, these classes have regularly scheduled meeting times. Schedules are available from your Regional campus or online.
Face to Face
In this method, the students and the instructor are present in the same classroom, with regularly scheduled meeting times and locations. Some face to face courses are scheduled in intensive sessions. (one week or alternating weekends, etc.) Face to face courses will indicate "Lecture" as the Schedule Type in the online listings.
Audioconferencing uses interactive telephone connections between classrooms at two or more campuses, with the instructor located at one of these campuses. Audioconference classes are scheduled at regular meeting times and may be supplemented with handouts and/or site visits. See the Delivery of Assignments section for information on sending assignments to your professor. Audioconference courses will indicate "Audio/Video" as the Schedule Type in the online listings.
World Wide Web (Blackboard)
Students enrolled in Web courses will obtain their course materials, give presentations, participate in class discussions and submit assignments via the World Wide Web. These classes require students to have access to a computer with an Internet connection. Students should be registered at least two weeks before classes start in order to receive important information required to access these courses. Textbooks can be purchased through the UNBC Bookstore via credit card and shipped via courier to the student. World Wide Web courses will indicate "World Wide Web" as the Schedule Type in the online listings.

Access to Online Courses

To gain access to the web course(s) you have registered in, please refer to the Blackboard Computer Accounts or call the Distance Education Toll Free number (1-888-440-3440) to get access information.

Technical Requirements

If you have questions regarding the suitability of your computer or internet connection for web courses, please contact: Project Leader for the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology through the Distance Education Toll Free number (1-888-440-3440).