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Public Presentation 2020 - Archives

Winter 2020 Lineup

  • January 15: Richard Schuster - "Democratizing Conservation Planning for Nature and People"
    Conservation planning is challenging, with multiple, often conflicting demands on an area of interest. To date, most tools that can help us make decisions are task specific and technical. We have developed a flexible and powerful framework that can help solve these problems. The goal is that non-technical stakeholders can devise high-quality, data-driven spatial plans in just one hour.
  • February 12: Phil Burton - "The Ecological Diversity of Pines: A Research Travelogue"
    Recent research and teaching experience provides impressive evidence of adaptive radiation in this widespread tree genus. Drawing on examples from BC to Nevada and from New Zealand to Spain, we will explore the many faces and ecological roles of pine trees.
  • February 26: Garrett Kerr - "Reducing Moose Rail Mortalities"
    Wildlife-train collisions are a conservation concern along rail networks throughout the world, affecting everything from endangered dragonflies to elephants. In northern BC, rail-related moose mortality is a priority due to the importance of moose for First Nations sustenance, wildlife viewing, and resident hunting opportunities. For the past twelve years, CN Rail has been working with a group of academics, government biologists, local stakeholders, and consultants to study and mitigate moose-train collisions along CN’s northern BC rail network. This work has strengthened the understanding of variables influencing the timing, location and number of moose-train collisions, and has led to the construction of moose exclusion fencing at three sites on the Telkwa Subdivision east of Smithers.
  • March 11: Greg Knox - "Responsible Resource Development in Northwest BC"
    What is Responsible Development?
    An Approach to Ensuring Development is in the Best Interest of Local Communities.
    This talk will explore proactive options for assuring that industrial development protects our communities and the things we value. There are ways for planning, independent science, early engagement and co-management to improve decision-making, reduce impacts and increase benefits to local communities. This presentation will also touch on best practices in mining and forestry, look at how the NW economy is changing, and provide some examples of innovation and diversification in the region.
  • April 8: Robert Hart - "Child Welfare: Reconstructing A Failed Paradigm" -- POSTPONED TO A LATER DATE.