Colloquium Webcasts

"Our environment is our future" 
NRESi Colloquia can be viewed live via the internet during its regularly scheduled times (normally 3:30 (PST)) on Fridays. Due to the Covid19 pandemic all talks will be online via Zoom. Talks are password restricted. Please contact the NRESi Research Manager (see below) to obtain the passcode for the talk. Please use the Q&A option to ask a question of the speaker. If you would like to ask a question orally, please use the 'raise hand' icon and the moderator will unmute your microphone. Other special NRESi lectures and events can also be viewed during their scheduled times.
  • The Zoom system allows for a live recording of the talk to be made. Provided that the speaker agrees to archive their talk on our servers, the talks will be recorded and made available to view at a later date through the NRESi video channel (Archived colloquium series link below).
  • Please contact for the passcode to attend the webinars.