NRESi Awards

NRESi Member & Community Awards

NRESi has two awards to honour the accomplishments of its members, as well as an award recognizing the contributions of individuals and organizations from the community. NRESi members are invited to respond to 2020’s call for award nominations. One page letters of nomination will be received until February 28, 2020 to Art Fredeen (

The awards:

  1. Distinguished Scholar - a NRESi member who has achieved any or a combination of the described criteria over the past 12 months (it is possible to receive this award more than once over a career)
  2. Lifetime Achievement – a NRESi member who has achieved a combination criteria over the course of their career (both as NRESi members and, if appropriate, in previous positions/activities)
  3. Community Advancement Award – an individual or organization from the broader community who has demonstrated achievement of any or a combination of the described criteria through their research and/or service
Award Descriptions and Criteria:
Past Award Recipients
2019-20 Recipient:
  • Lifetime Achievement: Dr. Hugues Massicotte - Hugues was an original NRES Faculty member in the Forestry Program. He is an outstanding colleague, researcher, teacher, and community member. Hugues engaged in many collaborative and multidisciplinary research projects throughout his career at UNBC with a wide number of colleagues, and was very successfully funded. Collectively, this work resulted in an impressive array of publications (82 peer-reviewed journal articles to date (10 more in the works); 1 co-authored book, 7 book chapters, 11 conference papers, 7 book chapters, 139 meeting and conference presentations and posters – and a host of other non-refereed articles and letters.  Perhaps even more importantly, Hugues gave 58 media interviews across his nearly 26 years at UNBC, many for Radio Canada en francais. As a professional forester (Laval), mycologist and ectomycorrhizal expert, his skills (and Linda’s) were very much sought after. Hugues, and his partner Linda Tackaberry, also contributed to many types of multidisplinary service external to the UNBC campus. Dr. Massicotte’s expertise and passion for natural history, particularly plants and their fungal root associations, were in constant demand by Prince George and BC communities.  His ability to identify sporocarps (aka mushrooms), often from poor specimens left in bags on his office door or from field trips and courses, epitomizes his tireless enthusiasm for his discipline.
2018-19 Recipients:
  • Distinguished Scholar: Dr. Pamela Wright - UNBC faculty, lead organizer of the BC Protected Areas Research Forum held at UNBC in 2018, displayed exemplary leadership in the development of the new BSc in Conservation Science and Practice. Dr. Wright has a well-established interdisciplinary research program. Her research has covered a range of topics including climate change and systematic conservation planning, wilderness character mapping, spatial conservation decision platform development, and social conditions of wilderness in the Muskwa Kechika Management Area.
  • Distinguished Scholar: Dr. Oscar Venter - UNBC faculty, collaborated with other researchers to produce the first comprehensive fine-scale map of the world's remaining marine and terrestrial wild places which was recently published in the journal "Nature". By defining and providing a succinct synopsis of what is at stake in the area of conservation, this interdisciplinary contribution has and will continue to have a major and lasting impact with respect to our awareness on human-related wilderness decline. This co-authored article by Dr. Oscar Venter and his team was widely received by both the scientific community and the general public, in part through its strong global wilderness appraisal and advocacy.
  • Lifetime Achievement - Dr. Roger Wheate - UNBC faculty. Since Dr. Wheate's arrival at UNBC in 1994 as part of the original (founding) UNBC Faculty, the fields of cartography, remote sensing, and geographic information systems have transformed many times commensurate with the revolutions in computing and communications technologies. With energy, lots of enthusiasm and a wonderful sense of humour, he has spearheaded the elaboration of the GIS facilities at UNBC. Roger has kept his teaching in these fields at the leading edge of these changes and revolutions such that his students have been able to go on to successful careers – and some have led their own revolutions in the field. 
2017-18 Recipients:
  • Distinguished Scholar: Dr. Brian Menounos - UNBC faculty, Canada Research Chair in Glacier Change and collaboration with 14 co-authors from five countries and a number of disciplines to produce a paper recently published in the prestigious journal "Science".
  • Lifetime achievement: Dr. Annie Booth, UNBC faculty, contributions to northern BC in terms of academic publications and reports, service work, and mentoring with respect to “environment and community”.
  • Community Advancement: Mr. David King, conservation of our region's natural resources and recreation opportunities.
2016-17 Recipient:
  • Community Advancement: Dr. Darwyn Coxson - UNBC faculty, recognition of his outstanding work promoting Northern Wetbelt Forest Ecology and the establishment of the Ancient Forest/Chun T’oh Whudujut Provincial Park. 
2015-16 Recipients:
  • Distinguished Scholar: Dr. Ellen Petticrew - UNBC faculty, research and substantive community engagement on the Mount Polley mine tailings pond breach.
  • Distinguished Scholar: Dr. Phil Owens - UNBC faculty, research and substantive community engagement on the Mount Polley mine tailings pond breach.
  • Lifetime achievement: Dr. Lito Arocena - UNBC faculty, UNBC's first Canada Research Chair (CRC), and widely respected multi-disciplinary research program.
  • Community Advancement: Dr. Catherine Nolin - UNBC faculty, exemplary commitment to learn from and teach in local communities.
  • Community Advancement: Dr. Roy Rea - UNBC faculty, Field Applications course development and delivery for the past 15 years.
  • Community Advancement: Dr. Sarah Boyd - UNBC faculty, PG-PIRG coordinator, Green University Planning Committee member, contributions to Prince George Women's organizations.
2014-15 Recipients:
  • Distinguished Scholar: Dr. Mike Gillingham - Development, coordination, and contributions to NRESi's Biodiversity Monitoring & Assessment Program
  • Lifetime Achievement: Dr. Mike Gillingham - Founding UNBC faculty, Past Co-Director and Past Director of NRESi, and widely respected research program
  • Lifetime Achievement: Dr. Staffan Lindgren - Founding UNBC faculty and widely respected research program
  • Community Advancement: Dr. Susan Stevenson - Past Adjunct UNBC Professor and NRESi members, respected research on inland rainforest ecosystems and Editor of: British Columbia’s Inland Rainforest: Ecology, Conservation, and Management

NRES Graduate Student Awards

Natural Resource & Environmental Studies Graduate Students are invited and encouraged to consider writing a Research Extension Note, as part of NRESi’s peer-reviewed publication series. Each year, NRESi assesses publications submitted by graduate students as first authors and one is selected for the annual NRES Graduate Student Publication Award. Past awards have been for $500. The cut-off date for consideration is August 31st and awards are presented during the NRES Graduate Icebreaker held early in the fall semester.