Strategic Research Plan


In 2017 UNBC renewed its Strategic Research Plan. The major objectives of the plan are:
  1. To strengthen research at UNBC that is of outstanding quality and pioneering in its innovation, especially in strategic interdisciplinary research areas that are of marked importance to our region and similar areas;
  2. To enhance the training of researchers, by increasing the number of graduate students and by providing a highly stimulating research environment for all of our students (undergraduate and graduate) that establishes UNBC as a leader in the integration of research and teaching;
  3. To guarantee our researchers access to superior research resources and infrastructure, and to manage these to ensure their effective and efficient use;
  4. To develop new research relations with communities, businesses, industries, other academic institutions and other partners, regionally, nationally, and internationally; and
  5. To enhance access to the results of our research, through improved knowledge translation, transfer and application, in order to maximize their benefits to society in Northern British Columbia and beyond.

Strategic Research Areas

The plan identifies four interdisciplinary strategic research areas:

  • Environment and Natural Resources
  • Community Development
  • Northern, Rural and Environmental Health
  • First Nations and Indigenous Studies

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