Student Life and Orientation worked in collaboration with several UNBC departments and services to bring you a comprehensive list of programming providing a wealth of information to help you prepare for the start of your Fall semester. Recordings of several of the sessions can be found below.

Videos of past workshops and events

Formula for Success: Uncover the Path to Math Excellence

Katherine Saunderson, Learning Specialist – Science and Math will help you build your study skills and start your math course with confidence. Equip yourself with effective study methods and test-taking strategies to help reach your academic goals. Discover new ways to learn, identify available resources, and connect with a community of peers to help you along the way.

Time Management

Effective time management is one of the most important skills you can learn as a university student. Join us for the second workshop in our University Transitions series, where we will teach you how to set schedules for managing your time on a weekly and semester basis while exploring ways to boost your motivation and avoid procrastination.

Citation Management: Zotero

This workshop will introduce you to Zotero citation management software a tool that will make your life easier! We will talk about how citation management tools can be useful, how to export records from databases, how to use the word plug-in so that you can “cite while you write”, and strategies to avoid the pitfalls of plagiarism.

Let's Chat: Staying Safe at UNBC

Curious about staying safe at UNBC? Join Scott McMillan, Manager of Occupational Health and Safety at UNBC, to discover hazards that you may encounter as a student and how to appropriately respond to them. Natasha Ewing, BC Parks’ Community Liaison Officer, will co-host this session to speak about wildlife awareness and responsible exploration of the area's stunning trails.

I Don't Even Know What I Don't Know

Join Jean Bowen, Access Coordinator, to delve into the exciting world of university education. Discover the key differences between high school and university and the vast array of resources available on campus. Equip yourself with the knowledge and confidence to navigate this transformative journey, ensuring a smooth transition into academic life and unlocking your true potential.

Decolonization at UNBC: How You Can Help

Discover the path to decolonization at UNBC as we explore the vital role of land acknowledgements, using an Indigenous lens, embracing storytelling, and actively contributing towards fostering a respectful and inclusive campus community. This session is lead and moderated by UNBC Professor, Dr. Daniel Sims.

How Co-op Can Lead to Your Dream Career

Join Brenda Wilfur, Co-op Education Coordinator, to learn more about Co-op, highlighting it’s benefits for students and employers. From discussing entry requirements to sharing inspiring success stories of Co-op students who have secured their dream jobs, this session is a start to an extraordinary career journey!

Strategies for Success 

As a university student there are many strategies you can use to excel in your coursework. The third workshop in our University Transitions series will explore these strategies for success, including how to keep your materials organized, prepare for exams, take constructive notes, and read textbooks efficiently. 

Research Basics: Getting Started with Library Resources

This online session will introduce students to the basics of searching for books and articles using the library's General Search. Learn how to be efficient and effective in looking for research materials and how to access help when you need it!

Introduction to Academic Writing 

All university students, no matter the discipline, need a strong foundation in academic writing. Connect with us for the final workshop in our University Transitions series where we will go over the basics of academic writing and explain university-level expectations for essay composition, thesis statements, paragraph structure, and referencing.

UNBC International Student Pre-Arrival Information Session

Join UNBC staff for a pre-arrival information session for new international students. We will cover topics including what to do before you travel and what to expect at the airport. We will also give an overview of on-campus accommodation and dining options, health insurance, public transit, climate, culture and much more! Join us for a chance to learn about Prince George, ask questions, and prepare to begin studies at UNBC! 

The Transition to University 

Starting university is exciting; however, adjusting to this new, demanding environment can be challenging. Join us for the first workshop in our University Transitions series where we explore how to make your transition to university successful. This session will go over university expectations, the resources available to you, and how to use your syllabi.