ORTM Honours Degree

The Honours in Nature-Based Tourism Management or Outdoor Recreation and Conservation offers students a higher level of education and substantial research experience. This may, in particular, be relevant for students wanting to proceed to postgraduate studies.

To be admitted to the Honours degree program, students must have completed 60 credit hours and obtained a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.33. Attaining the minimum requirement will not guarantee admission into the Honours program, which will be at the discretion of ORTM.

Honours students are required to complete the degree requirements for the BA or BSc and in addition they must complete an additional 6 credit hours in the form of an undergraduate thesis (NRES 430-6) under the supervision of a faculty member.

Note: Students are responsible to find their own undergraduate thesis research supervisor. Faculty members are under no obligation to supervise honours students.

If you are interested in pursuing an Honours -- please come and chat with one of the ORTM faculty members!