PICS Fellowships

Graduate Fellowships are available on an annual basis to outstanding Masters and PhD students at the Institute's four collaborating universities (UNBC, UBC, SFU and UVic). Fellowships are valued at $18,500 per year for Masters students and $21,000 per year for PhD students.

Current Fellows at UNBC

Ben PeltoBen Pelto

Planning for climate-induced changes to the Columbia Basin's Freshwater Resources.

Talaat BakriTalaat Bakri

Assessing offshore wind power production in British Columbia.

Alex SchareAlex Schare

A comparative study of the carbon footprint of interurban passenger transportation in British Columbia and measures for mitigation.

Geoff deRuiterGeoff deRuiter

Comparing industrial biochar applications: Optimising revenue versus CO2-equivalent emissions reductions or carbon sequestration.

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