Long Term Parking


UNBC provides the ability to purchase parking permits online.  There is a $1 charge for use of the online service. You will need to know your vehicle license plate and have a valid credit card in order to purchase a parking permit. 

Tips for purchasing E-Permits:

  • E-Permits can only be purchased through this E-Permit link  (a Paybyphone account is required).
  • Step by step instructions for purchasing an E-Permit.
  • To create an account:
    • Select the E-Permit link above.
    • Then click the 'New Users, click this link to register'.  You will be redirected to the Paybyphone site to create a new account.
    • Once you have completed the account set up, exit the Paybyphone site and re-select the E-Permit link above.
  • Notes:
    • Your account number is your phone number. 
    • Only one vehicle license plate is allowed per permit. Contact Parking Services for any plate change requirements. 

Detailed Instructions for purchasing an E-Permit

Instructions for checking E-Permit expiry/ history

Permits are sold by the month up to a maximum of 12 months or by the week up to a maximum of 5 weeks.

  • Monthly Rate = $51.00
  • Weekly Rate = $13.75

Payroll Deduction (reserved/ general) Permits -(Regular Employees Only)

Only regular employees are eligible for payroll deduction permits. It is incumbent upon employees to keep their vehicle information up to date with the Parking Office and comply with UNBC traffic and parking regulations.  The permit holder is responsible for transferring and displaying the parking permit between registered vehicles, failure to do so will result in a citation.

$23.54 bi-weekly (includes GST)
Reserved -without plug-in: $28.76 bi-weekly (includes GST)
Reserved -with plug-in:       $34.00 bi-weekly (includes GST)

Reserved Permits are only valid in their designated stalls - they are not valid in general parking.

Note: An employee may request permission for another employee to use their reserved stall by emailing parking@unbc.ca the employee's name, vehicle information and duration for use.  Authorization will not be provided to any employee with outstanding citations. The reserved permit MUST be displayed on this vehicle whilst parked in the reserved stall.


Carpool Permits *Update coming soon*

Contact Parking Services for information.

Accessible Parking

Accessible parking is free in designated spaces providing the vehicle displays a valid SPARC permit. For further information contact Social Planning and Research Council of BC at 4445 Norfolk Street, Burnaby, BC V5G 0A7; phone (604) 718-7733, Fax (604) 736-8697, email info@sparc.bc.ca, website www.sparc.bc.ca.

Any vehicle found occupying an accessible space without a valid SPARC permit will be subject to immediate fine and towing from campus.

If temporary accessible parking accommodations is required:  
Employees - contact UNBC Health and Well-being 
Students - contact Access Resource Centre

Accessible Parking stalls are identified on the Parking Services Map.

Motorcycle Permits

One month: $25.00 (includes GST)

Bicycle Parking

Bicycle parking at UNBC is free and there are many racks located throughout campus for this purpose.

Fleet / Research Vehicles

Contact safety@unbc.ca for further information.

Construction/ Contractor Vehicle

Construction/ contractor vehicles must display a contractor parking permit (issued by Facilities Management or the Parking Office), when parking on campus and must avoid parking in restricted areas such as but not limited to accessibility spaces; fire lanes; and reserved spaces to avoid receiving a citation.

A permit is not required for any contractor vehicle in the process of loading or unloading.in designated zones.