Cale, Dr. Jonathan

Jonathan Cale
PhD, Forest Pathology and Mycology (State University of New York ESF) Assistant Professor
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  • Prince George


Dr. Cale is an applied forest pathologist and disturbance ecologist broadly exploring how fungus-tree interactions affect our forests. He has studied the ecology of antagonistic and mutualistic forest fungi to help address regionally-important forest health challenges that threaten the economic, ecologic, and cultural value of forests.

Research and Expertise

Dr. Cale merges basic and applied research in an interdisciplinary framework to investigate three stages of forest disturbance: susceptibility, impact, and recovery. These stages are reflected in the broad questions that drive his research program:

  1. How do abiotic and biotic factors interact with forest pathogens to cause disease?
  2. What impacts do diseases have on tree heath and physiology?
  3. How do the functions of soil fungi support forest development after disturbance?

Specific areas of interest include emerging forest diseases in the region, climate change impacts on forest diseases, volatile-mediated interactions between pathogens and their vectors, soil fungal communities in reforested/regenerating forest stands.

Areas of Expertise:

Forest Pathology, Forest Health, Forest Ecology, Fungal Ecology, Mycology, Chemical Ecology, Tree Physiology

Languages Spoken:
  • English
Currently accepting graduate students
Supervises in:
  • MSc NRES Biology
  • MSc NRES Forestry
Available to be contacted by the media as a subject matter expert