Choi, Dr. Sungchul

Dr. Sungchul Choi
PhD, Marketing (University of Alberta) Professor Chair, School of Business
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  • Prince George


Sungchul Choi is Professor of Marketing and holds a PhD in Marketing from the University of Alberta.

Research and Expertise

His research interests include Behavioural Pricing, Promotions and Channels of Distribution, Community Sustainability, and Fairness in Competitive Markets. He has received research grants from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Western Economic Diversification Canada, and Northern Development Initiative Trust. His research has been published in leading journals.

Selected Publications

Choi, S., and Messinger, P. R. (2016). The role of fairness in competitive supply chain relationships: An experimental study. European Journal of Operational Research, 251 (3), 798-813.

Choi, S., Park, S., Qiu, M., and Stanyer, M., (2013). The Discount is Unfair: Egocentric Fairness in an Ambiguous Price Promotion. Journal of Economic Psychology, 39, 32-43.

Choi, S. and Fredj, K. (2013). Price competition and store competition: Store brands vs. national brand.  European Journal of Operational Research, 225 (1), 166-178.

Choi, S. and Ng, A. (2011). Environmental and Economic Dimensions of Sustainability and Price Effects on Consumer Responses. Journal of Business Ethics, 104 (2), 269-282.

Choi, S., Stanyer, M., and Kim, M. (2010). Consumer Responses to the Depth and Minimum Claimed Savings of “Scratch and Save (SAS)” Promotions. Psychology & Marketing, 27 (8), 766-779.