Deo, Dr. Balbinder

Balbinder Deo
PhD (Uinversity of Manitoba), PhD (Punjab Agriculture University Ludhiana), MBA (HP University Simla), MSc-GNDU (Amritsar) Associate Professor
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  • Prince George


Dr. Balbinder Deo, worked in academic and industrial organizations for more than 30 years. He has the experience of working on various committees at UNBC, such as SCUB of the UNBC Senate, member of ASC’s School of Business, Treasurer FA and many other committees at Program and College level. He earned Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from University of Manitoba, Canada, in addition to Ph.D. Degree in Business Management from PAU Ludhiana, Punjab, India. He joined School of Business, UNBC, Prince George campus in 2002. He has over 45 peer-reviewed publications, and also prepared and submitted 9 applied research reports to industrial organizations. Prior to joining UNBC, Dr. Deo worked at University of Saskatchewan, University of Manitoba, and at Punjab Agricultural University Ludhiana (India). In addition to his work experience in academic institutions, he also worked on various industry related research projects related to Inco Limited Thomson, NewHolland Canada Limited, Winnipeg, International Tractors limited, Bombay, Molins of India Limited, and Punjab Markfed and Allied Industries.

His research portfolio expanded over time and now it also include; Wood Based Bio-fuels to reduce GHGs in small communities, Development of criteria for evaluation of regions for production of biofuel feedstock, wood-based biofuels and its use in Northern Communities of BC, Developing formula and methodology to reduce shop-lifting in retail stores, Application of Operation Based Costing conceptual framework in services industries such as hospitals and healthcare industry, Business Process Management (BPM) and its application in non-profit organizations.

Research and Expertise

The main thrust of Dr. Deo’s research work with industrial organizations is to search the technical and managerial causes of low productivity in manufacturing as well as in service operations. He published over 45 papers (in peer-reviewed publications) and prepared and submitted 9 reports to industrial organizations. His hands-on experience with industrial organizations enabled him understand a wide variety of production systems, such as: assembly line; ore mining and processing; oil seeds processing; vegetative oil extraction and processing; job-shop type manufacturing systems, and project type work systems. His research interests can be categorized in areas such as; Operation Based Costing, and Activity Based Costing, Productivity measurement in operations, and of organizations, Audit of operations and systems in primary, secondary, and tertiary sector organizations in Government and Non-Government sector organizations, Simulation modeling and computer aided cost information system development, Green operations & Materials flow analysis (MFA), Evaluation criteria for primary biofuel feedstock and biofuels production operations, viability of wood based biofuels for heating needs of small communities in the cold northern regions, designing methodology to reduce shrinkage in retail outlet operations, and application of BPO related conceptual framework to develop process costing model

Research Fields:
  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Natural Resources
Areas of Expertise:

Modeling and Methodology to reduce Retail Shrink, Manufacturing and Service's Cost Analysis using Operations Based Costing concept, Carbon Accounting using Operations Based Carbon Emissions.

Languages Spoken:
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Punjabi
Currently accepting graduate students
Supervises in:
  • PhD
  • MBA
  • MSc

Selected Publications

Deo, Balbinder, “Deo’s formula for optimal employee density to reduce theft-related shrink”, Model Assisted Statistics and Applications, vol. 14, no. 4, pp. 311-319, 2019. DOI: 10.3233/MAS-190470. IOS Press.

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