Dziedzic, Mauricio

Mauricio Dziedzic
PhD (University of Toronto), MASc (Universidade Federal do Parana), BASc (Universidade Federal do Parana), M.ASCE., P.Eng. Chair, Engineering
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  • Prince George


I have experience in water quality modeling, hydraulic engineering, fluid mechanics, greenhouse gas inventory, air quality modeling, circular economy, life cycle analysis, design of hydraulic laboratory equipment, dam break analysis, environmental indicators, and faculty development. Currently engaged in research on environmental impacts of dam breaks, hydrodynamic and water quality modeling in reservoirs, water loss in distribution networks, optimization in water distribution networks, hydraulic micro generation, urban drainage and flood control, environmental impact assessment, and environmental indicators. I have conducted program and institutional assessments for the Brazilian Ministry of Education. Is one of the founding members of the International Material Flow Management (IMAT) Network. I was a professor at Universidade Ceuma, Brazil, in the Graduate Program in Environmental Science between 2016 and 2021. At Universidade Positivo, I conducted the implementation of the undergraduate program in Civil Engineering, which I chaired for 6 years, and the Graduate Program in Environmental Management, which I chaired for 15.5 years.

  • Civil Engineering at Universidade Federal do Paraná (1986)
  • M.A.Sc. in Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering at Universidade Federal do Paraná (1988)
  • Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics - University of Toronto (1994)
  • ASCE Member since 2000
  • CSCE member since 2022
  • P.Eng. (EGBC)
  • Professional Engineer in Brazil since 1987

Research and Expertise

My research interests are varied, as seen by the list of my areas of expertise. However, I am currently focusing on dam safety and the associated research project on the impacts of dam breaks.

Research Fields:
  • Engineering
  • Environment
Areas of Expertise:

1. Engineering education 2. Fluid mechanics and Hydraulics 3. Environmental dispersion modelling 4. Hydraulic model studies 5. Unsteady flow in open channels - dam break and flood wave propagation 6. Optimization of Water Distribution Networks 7. Turbulence and coherent structures - vortex-ring dynamics 8. Environmental Impact Assessment 9. Environmental Indicators 10. Material Flow Management 11. Hydrodynamics of fishing lures

Languages Spoken:
  • English
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
Currently accepting graduate students
Supervises in:
  • MASc Engineering
  • PhD NRES

I am looking for outstanding MASc and PhD candidates to join my research group to work on the impacts of dam breaks, including environmental, social and economic impacts. A strong background in hydraulic engineering and fluid mechanics is required.

Available to be contacted by the media as a subject matter expert

Selected Publications