Egger, Dr. Keith

Dr. Keith Egger
PhD (University of Victoria) Professor Emeritus
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Dr. Egger uses molecular approaches to study microbial ecology, biodiversity and phylogeny. His research is focused on the link between biodiversity and ecosystem function, particularly mycorrhizal fungi and microbes involved in nitrogen cycling. He has research projects underway on soil biodiversity and function in response to disturbance, the influence of mycorrhizal fungi in range expansion of native tree species due to climate change, impacts of disturbance on microbial communities, and the anti-cancer and anti-microbial properties of BC mushrooms. He is collaborating with a cancer researcher to isolate and characterize fungal compounds that alter the immune properties of human cells.

Research and Expertise

Supervises in:
  • PhD NRES
  • MSc NRES Biology
  • MSc NRES Environmental Science
  • MSc NRES Forestry