Gray, Dr. Sarah

Dr. Sarah Gray
Postdoctoral Fellowship (University of British Columbia), Postdoctoral Fellowship (University of Cambridge), PhD, BSc (University of Victoria) Professor, Northern Medical Program Research Lead, Division of Medical Sciences
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9-366 NHSC
  • Prince George


Dr. Gray joined the Northern Medical Program in 2007 and became a Canada Research Chair in the Integrative Physiology of Diabetes and Obesity in 2013. She completed a PhD in endocrine physiology at the University of Victoria, followed by postdoctoral training in at the University of Cambridge, and the University of British Columbia. She is a life science researcher examining the biological mechanisms of metabolism as it relates to obesity and type 2 diabetes and teaches endocrine physiology in the UBC undergraduate medical program. Dr. Gray’s research group at UNBC provides training opportunities in lab based science for research fellows, graduate students and undergraduate students in Northern B.C.

Research and Expertise

Dr. Gray’s research focuses on how hormones regulate energy metabolism. Energy balance is achieved by balancing the amount of energy we take in (appetite) vs the energy we burn (metabolism, physical activity and thermogenesis). These processes are regulated by hormones, and when disrupted contributes to increased adipose tissue that functions improperly. My lab uses molecular biology and physiology in an integrative approach to study the foundational physiological processes regulating energy metabolism. This information will provide insights into why changes in adipose tissue function, as seen in obesity, increase the risk for metabolic disease, such as diabetes.

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Selected Publications

For all of Dr. Sarah Gray’s publications, please visit PubMed (search “Sarah L. Gray”).