Jackson, Dr. Peter

Peter Jackson
BSc Honours (University of British Columbia - 1984), PhD (University of British Columbia - 1993) Professor, Environmental Science
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  • Prince George


Dr. Jackson is a mesoscale meteorologist whose research mostly concerns the interaction between the atmosphere and complex terrain (i.e. in mountains and along coastlines) and how this affects wind, precipitation and climate. He also investigates environmental applications including dispersion of biota and atmospheric pollutants as well as exposure to air pollutants in regions of complex terrain. In pursuing this theme, he and his research group use both in-situ (from surface-based weather stations) and remote (from a phased array doppler solar system) observations, as well as mesoscale numerical atmospheric models (RAMS, WRF, Calpuff).

Research and Expertise

Mesoscale and synoptic meteorology, especially concerning wind and other atmospheric processes in regions of complex terrain with environmental applications (e.g. air quality, transport of mountain pine beetles by wind). Techniques include in-situ and remote observations (e.g. sodar and radar) as well as mesoscale atmospheric numerical simulation.

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