Meletis, Dr. Zoë

Zoë Meletis
BA (McGill University), MScPl (University of Toronto), PhD (Duke University, 2007) Associate Professor, Geography and Environmental and Sustainability Studies
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Teaching Lab 8-214
  • Prince George


Zoë teaches ENVS 309 Gender and Environmental Studies. She is a member of the Geography Program.

Zoë's work to date has focused on tourism and ecotourism development, local perceptions of environment and place, consumption (the politics of; the impacts of; alternative forms of), international development and conservation, and justice issues related to inadequate planning and environmental management.

Research and Expertise

Human-environment relations; community and environment; development and change; place; perceptions of environment and development; tourism and ecotourism; environmental justice; political ecology; conservation; coastal development; amenity migration and rural gentrification; consumption; solid waste management. Regional foci: Latin America (particularly Costa Rica) and the Caribbean, and North America (particularly coastal Eastern North Carolina).  

Winter 2020 Teaching

  • ENVS 309: Gender and Environment
  • NRES 773: Advanced Qualitative Research Methodologies

Supervises in:
  • MA NRES Geography
  • MA NRES Environmental Studies