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Traditional name, Dzih Bhen, in the Luk sil yoo or Caribou clan from the Stellat’en Bahlats (potlatch) system.

Completed the Master of Arts in First Nations Studies from the University of Northern British Columbia with the help of fellow Stellat’en community members the MA thesis ~ "Stellakoh Talook: The Importance of Salmon to Stellat'en" became finalized on April 15, 2016 and received a Clear Pass from the Examining Committee. The goal for this project focused on helping the reader understand why salmon is so important to the Stellat’en First Nation. At UNBC the Lecturer position revolves around helping people better understand First Nations Studies and in-turn will help students learn to better work with First Nations people now and in the future. My grandmother taught me to gather plants and berries as well as preserve fish and traditional foods from a very young age. The lessons my grandmother taught will stay with me forever and it is an honour to share these lessons with students to provide an Indigenous perspective brought together with Indigenous research. The students often state that, people need to learn more about First Nations people and we are building stronger relationships to move in that direction.

Research and Expertise

Cultural competency around: Knowledge, worldview, culture, location and Inter-generational connections for sharing stronger social formations and building positive relationships. Following racism, anti-racism, anti-colonialism, creative discussion, ethical guidelines, inclusion, and reconciliation.

Research Fields:
  • First Nations
Areas of Expertise:

First Nations Governance, Rights, Solutions, accountability and self-determination. Finding space and locating myself as an Indigenous woman requires storytelling, sharing and decolonization for healing.

Not accepting graduate students