Schiller, Dr. Catharine

Catharine J. Schiller
PhD (University of Northern British Columbia, JD Western University), MSc (University of Toronto), BScN (Ryerson University) Assistant Professor Coordinator, Undergraduate Nursing Programs
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  • Prince George


Dr. Schiller is licensed as a practicing Registered Nurse and non-practicing Lawyer in British Columbia, and as a non-practicing Registered Nurse in Ontario.

Dr. Schiller is currently the Coordinator, Undergraduate Nursing Programs for the University of Northern British Columbia School of Nursing. She is also an Assistant Professor in the School of Nursing, teaching both undergraduate and graduate degree nursing students about healthcare law, bioethics, and nursing leadership. Dr. Schiller completed her PhD (Health Sciences) at the University of Northern British Columbia with a dissertation focus on medication errors committed by undergraduate nursing students. Dr. Schiller's past experience includes her practice as a Registered Nurse at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto and as a Lawyer in the health law department of a large Toronto law firm where she regularly advised hospitals and their nursing staff on various professional responsibility, privacy, contractual and risk management issues. She has also acted as an Investigator for The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and as In-House Legal Counsel for Trillium HealthCentre and 3M Canada.

Research and Expertise

Research Fields:
  • Ethics
  • Health
  • Rural Health Services
Areas of Expertise:

Medical assistance in dying, fibromyalgia, nursing regulation, concept analysis, nursing jurisprudence, medication errors, healthcare law and ethics, nursing standards of practice.

Languages Spoken:
  • English
Currently accepting graduate students
Supervises in:
  • MScN: FNP
  • MScN: Thesis
  • MScN: Project

MScN Thesis, FNP and Project

Available to be contacted by the media as a subject matter expert

Selected Publications

Koopmans, E., & Schiller, C. J. (2022). Understanding causation in healthcare: An introduction to critical realism. Qualitative Health Research. Advance online publication.

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