Maurice, Dr. Sean

Dr. Sean Maurice
PhD Dental Science, Extracellular Matrix Remodeling (UBC – 2009) BSc Kinesiology (University of Calgary – 1999), Sabbatical - Proteoglycans in Breast Cancer (Laboratory of Dr. Mina Bissell, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - 2014) MEDD Site Director - Years 1 and 2 Senior Lab Instructor, UNBC NMP Assistant Director of Histology and Affiliate Senior Instructor, UBC
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  • Prince George


Dr. Maurice joined the Northern Medical Program in 2007 as a Basic Science Instructor. He teaches Anatomy and Histology in the pre-clinical years. His doctoral studies investigated cell surface turnover of the proteoglycan versican in pulmonary fibrosis. In the fall of 2014, Dr. Maurice had the opportunity to study 3D cell culture models and proteoglycans in breast cancer, in the laboratory of Dr. Mina Bissell in Berkeley, California. In addition to his basic science research and teaching, Dr. Maurice is the NMP coordinator for the Healthcare Travelling Roadshow which aims to address rural healthcare workforce shortages.

Research and Expertise

My laboratory is broadly interested in understanding how extracellular matrix governs cell and tissue phenotype, with a particular interest on proteoglycans in the liver. Liver fibrosis and cirrhosis together are the 11th leading cause of death in Canada and transplantation is currently the only effective treatment. Proteoglycans form a significant portion of the ECM in normal and remodeling liver, yet they are the least well understood component. Studies in other tissues indicate that these large molecules and their cleaved fragments play significant and diverse roles in tissue remodeling. Knowledge of the roles of proteoglycans and proteoglycan processing enzymes in liver injury and fibrosis is essential to a full understanding of the pathogenesis of liver fibrosis and the development of new therapies for liver diseases. My lab is focused on determining (1) expression patterns of candidate proteoglycans and proteoglycan processing enzymes in animal models and in human tissues; and (2) molecular mechanisms by which altered ECM expression affects cell activation and proliferation.

Selected Publications

  • Bukong, T.N., Maurice, S.B., Chahal, B., Schaeffer, D.F. and Winwood, P.J. (2016). Versican: A Novel Modulator of Hepatic Fibrosis. Laboratory Investigation. 96(3): 361-74.
  • Bukong, T.N., Maurice, S.B., Chahal, B., Schaeffer, D.F. and Winwood, P.J. (2015). Versican: A Novel Modulator of Hepatic Fibrosis. Hepatology. 62(S1): 900A.
  • Maurice, S.B., Bell, T., Daniels, T., Fetterly, C.R., Nelson, D.R., Winwood, P.J., Bourque, W.T. and Harris, R.L. (2014). Tibial bone versican content decreases with zoledronate treatment in adult mice. Osteoporosis International. 25(7): 1975-81.
  • Maurice S., Crick C.L., Kim W.-C., Law C., Norrie M., Kim S.-E., and Winwood, P.W. (2012). Versican expression and turnover in hepatic stellate cell activation. Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology. 26(Suppl A):108A.
  • Maurice, S. (2009). Metalloproteinase cleavage of versican at the fibroblast cell surface. Doctor of Philosophy, University of British Columbia.

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