Sims, Dr. Daniel

Dr. Daniel Sims
PhD, MA, BA Associate Professor
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ADM 3039


A member of the Tsay Keh Dene First Nation, Dr. Daniel Sims joined the Department of First Nations Studies in July 2020.  Originally wanting to be a Lutheran pastor, he attended Concordia University College of Alberta (now Concordia University of Edmonton) where he worked with Dr. Sandy Gow. His capstone paper was a historiography of the works of German historian Heinrich von Treitschke. Graduating with high distinction he began graduate work at the master’s level at the University of Alberta with Dr. Gerhard Ens, producing a master’s thesis that examined the history and identity of the Tsek’ehne nation (Kwadacha, McLeod Lake, Takla Lake and Tsay Keh Dene) through the lenses of the fur trade, missionary writings, treaty and the creation of reserves. He continued his graduate work at the University of Alberta with Dr. Sarah Carter, examining both the short term and long term cumulative impacts the construction of the W.A.C. Bennett Dam and Williston Lake reservoir had on the Tsek’ehne. After conducting over seventy interviews, he wrote a dissertation based on both oral and archival research, which was nominated for the Governor-General’s Gold Medal and is currently being turned into a book.  His current research project, "A Forgotten Land: Development in the Finlay-Parsnip Watershed of Northern British Columbia, 1860-1956," examines the numerous proposed developments in the Finlay-Parsnip watershed, asking how they have influenced contemporary concepts of wilderness, development and colonialism.