Find a Supervisor

  • Gray, Dr. Sarah


  • Groulx, Dr. Mark

    Supervises in: MA NRES , MNRES

    Research Fields: Climate Change, Community, Environment, Northern Issues, Sustainability, Urban Planning

    Areas of Expertise: Place-making; Community-based planning, Low-carbon resilient communities; Landscape perception and design; Environmental visualization; Tourism visitor experience


  • Guest, Dr. Kristen

    Supervises in: English , Gender Studies

    Research Fields: Culture, History

    Areas of Expertise: Victorian literature and culture, children's literature, gender, animal studies, history and representation of horses, Victorian theatre and melodrama, Victorian policeman, colonial police, India and Canada, cannibalism, food and clothing studies, material culture studies.


  • Halseth, Dr. Greg

    Supervises in: PhD NRES , MA NRES Geography , MNRES

    Research Fields: Geography, Rural planning and development


  • Hamieh, Dr. Alia

    Supervises in: BSc Mathematics , MSc Mathematics

    Research Fields: Mathematics

    Areas of Expertise: Analytic and Algebraic Number Theory, Automorphic Forms, Hilbert Modular Forms, Half-Integral Weight Modular Forms, Special Values of Automorphic L-Functions


  • Hanlon, Dr. Neil

    Supervises in: MA NRES Geography , MA Interdisciplinary Studies , MSc Health Sciences , PhD NRES

    Research Fields: Community, Geography, Health, Rural Health Services

    Areas of Expertise: Health geography; rural and remote health care accessibility; population and social change in resource-dependent communities; the spatiality of health care practice; community-based research


  • Harding, Dr. Lauren

    Supervises in: MNRES , MA NRES , MSc NRES

    Research Fields: Anthropology, Environment, Northern Issues, Tourism, Wildlife

    Areas of Expertise: Environmental anthropology, anthropology of tourism, settler-colonial studies, human-wildlife conflict, ethnographic methods, multi-species ethnography, social anthropology, critical tourism studies, human-wildlife relations, political ecology.


  • Hartley, Dr. Ian

    Supervises in: PhD NRES , MSc NRES

    Research Fields: Forestry, Physics


  • Hartley, Dr. Ian

    Supervises in: PhD NRES , NRES

    Research Fields: Forestry, Physics


  • Holler, Dr. Jacqueline

    Supervises in: MA History , MA Gender Studies , MA Interdisciplinary Studies , MA International Studies

    Research Fields: Gender and Women's Studies, History, International Studies

    Areas of Expertise: Gender, sexuality, emotion, health, religion, violence against women


  • Hutchings, Kevin

    Supervises in: MA English , MA Interdisciplinary Studies

    Research Fields: Animal Welfare, Environment, First Nations, History, Literature, Wildlife

    Areas of Expertise: British Romanticism, 19th-century Indigenous literatures, transatlantic studies, colonialism, ecocriticism, animal studies.


  • Hyndman, Dr. Jennifer

    Supervises in: MSc Mathematics

    Research Fields: Education, Mathematics

    Areas of Expertise: algebra, quasi-equations, quasivarieties, duality theory, math education


  • Iqbal, Dr. Asif

    Supervises in: MSc , PhD Civil and Structural Engineering

    Research Fields: Forestry, Natural Hazards, Natural Resources

    Areas of Expertise: Seismic Design, Wood Structure, Soil-Structure Interaction


  • Islam, Dr. Siraj Ul

    Supervises in: MSc NRES Environmental Science , MSc NRES Geography

    Research Fields: Climate Change, Earth Science, Environment, Geography, Natural Resources, Weather

    Areas of Expertise: Climate change, variability and forecasting, climate change impact assessments, hydrology, numerical modeling and programming, data analysis


  • Jackson, Dr. Peter

    Supervises in: PhD NRES , MSc NRES , MSc NRES Geography

    Research Fields: Climate Change, Earth Science, Environment, Glaciology, Weather

    Areas of Expertise: meteorology, air quality, climate


  • Jiang, Dr. Fan

    Supervises in: MSc Computer Science

    Research Fields: Computer Science

    Areas of Expertise: big data, data mining, data analysis, association rule mining, frequent pattern mining, social network mining, sentiment analysis, machine learning, data visualization


  • Johnson, Dr. Chris

    Supervises in: PhD NRES , MSc NRES Biology , MSc NRES Forestry , MNRES

    Research Fields: Conservation, Environment, Natural Resources, Wildlife

    Areas of Expertise: caribou, conservation, cumulative impacts, ecological thresholds, endangered species


  • Josewski, Dr. Viviane

    Supervises in: MScN Nursing , MSc Health Sciences

    Research Fields: Community, Culture, Ethics, Gender and Women's Studies, Health and Wellbeing, Integrated Knowledge Translation, Mental Health, Rural Health Services

    Areas of Expertise: Critical theoretical perspectives, community-partnered research, intersectional approaches, qualitative research, population health, anti-colonialism, equity-oriented health care, Two-Eyed Seeing, Indigenous-led health services, women's health, mental health and addictions


  • K C, Dr. Luna

    Supervises in: International Studies , Gender Studies

    Research Fields: Gender and Women's Studies, Human Rights, International Studies, Political Science

    Areas of Expertise: Gender and Armed Conflict; Women, Peace and Security (WPS); Gender Based Violence; Feminist Security Studies; Intersectionality; Cyber Security; Gender and Disaster; COVID-19; and South Asia.


  • Kamali, Mohammad

    Supervises in: MASc Civil and Structural Engineering , MSc NRES , PhD NRES

    Research Fields: Energy, Engineering, Sustainability

    Areas of Expertise: Life cycle thinking, sustainable construction, life cycle sustainability assessment, modular construction, energy efficiency.