Find a Supervisor

  • Iqbal, Dr. Asif

    Supervises in: MSc , PhD Civil and Structural Engineering

    Research Fields: Forestry, Natural Hazards, Natural Resources

    Areas of Expertise: Seismic Design, Wood Structure, Soil-Structure Interaction


  • Islam, Dr. Siraj Ul

    Supervises in: MSc NRES Environmental Science , MSc NRES Geography

    Research Fields: Climate Change, Earth Science, Environment, Geography, Natural Resources, Weather

    Areas of Expertise: Climate Change, Variability and Forecasting, Climate Change Impact Assessments, Hydrology, Numerical Modeling and Programming, and Data Analysis


  • Jackson, Dr. Peter

    Supervises in: PhD NRES , MSc NRES Environmental Science , MSc NRES Geography


  • Jain, Rahul

    Supervises in: MSW

    Research Fields: Counselling, Mental Health, Rural Health Services, Youth

    Areas of Expertise: Mental Health especially At-Risk Children/Youth, Clinical Social Work, Remote/Northern Social Work, Community Development, Multiculturalism, and Indigenous Social Work


  • Jiang, Dr. Fan

    Supervises in: MSc Computer Science

    Research Fields: Computer Science

    Areas of Expertise: big data, data mining, data analysis, association rule mining, frequent pattern mining, social network mining, sentiment analysis, machine learning, data visualization


  • Johnson, Dr. Chris

    Supervises in: PhD NRES , MSc NRES Biology , MSc NRES Forestry , MNRES

    Research Fields: Conservation, Environment, Natural Resources, Wildlife

    Areas of Expertise: caribou, conservation, cumulative impacts, ecological thresholds, endangered species


  • Josewski, Dr. Viviane

    Supervises in: MScN Nursing , MSc Health Sciences

    Research Fields: Community, Culture, Ethics, Gender and Women's Studies, Health and Wellbeing, Integrated Knowledge Translation, Mental Health, Rural Health Services

    Areas of Expertise: Critical theoretical perspectives, community-partnered research, intersectional approaches, qualitative research, population health, anti-colonialism, equity-oriented health care, Two-Eyed Seeing, Indigenous-led health services, women's health, mental health and addictions


  • Kazemian, Dr. Hossein

    Supervises in: MSc Environmental Science , PhD Environmental Science , MSc Chemistry , Environmental Engineering

    Research Fields: Chemistry, Environment, Natural Resources

    Areas of Expertise: Instrumental analytical chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Material Chemistry, Environmental science


  • KB, Dr. Darren

    Supervises in: MSc , MBA , PhD

    Research Fields: Business, Computer Science

    Areas of Expertise: Artificial Leadership, Leader Humility, Paradoxical Leadership, Inclusion, Disruptive Leadership, Presenteeism, Knowledge Hiding


  • Keen, Dr. Kevin

    Supervises in: PhD Health Sciences , MSc Mathematics , BSc Mathematics

    Research Fields: Biomedical, Earth Science, Health, Statistics, Weather

    Areas of Expertise: Clinical epidemiology, data science, genetic epidemiology, molecular epidemiology, multivariate statistics.


  • Kitchenham, Dr. Andrew

    Supervises in: MEd Special Education , MEd Multidisciplinary Leadership , MEd Counselling , MA English , MA Psychology

    Research Fields: Counselling, Culture, Education, First Nations, Gender and Women's Studies, Mental Health, Psychology, Youth

    Areas of Expertise: Conflict in the workplace, personality styles, interactive technologies, online teaching and learning, remedial reading, remedial math, learning disabilities, technology integration, use, and teaching, Indigenous learning preferences, Indigenous language and culture preservation, adult learning, transformative learning, assistive technologies, adaptation and modification theory and practice.


  • Kyle, Lisa

    Research Fields: Counselling, Health, Health and Wellbeing, Mental Health, Social Work


  • Lautensach, Dr. Alex

    Research Fields: Agriculture, Animal Welfare, Biodiversity/Ecology, Climate Change, Culture, Earth Science, Education, Environment, Ethics, Human Rights, Sustainability

    Areas of Expertise: Molecular biology and biochemistry, human ecology, bioethics, science education, ethics education, environmental science, curriculum design, assessment of learning, online instruction, cultural safety


  • Lee, Chow

    Supervises in: MSc Biochemistry & Molecular Biology , PhD Health Sciences

    Research Fields: Biomedical, Cancer, Chemistry, Health

    Areas of Expertise: cancer biology, RNA biochemistry and biology, natural products drug discovery, mushrooms, and polysaccharide science


  • Li, Dr. Jianbing (Jason)

    Supervises in: PhD NRES , MSc NRES , MASc

    Research Fields: Engineering, Environment

    Areas of Expertise: Waste management


  • Manyanga, Dr. Taru

    Supervises in: MSc Health Sciences

    Research Fields: Health, Health and Wellbeing, Rural Health Services, Youth

    Areas of Expertise: Physical Therapy, Population Health, Lifestyle Behaviors (sleep, sedentary behavior, physical activity), Body Composition/ Metabolic Syndrome


  • Marceau, Dr. Raelene

    Supervises in: MScN

    Research Fields: Health, Northern Issues, Sustainability

    Areas of Expertise: Sustainability, primary health care, health care reform, nurse practitioners, health policy


  • Martins, Dr. Eduardo

    Supervises in: MSc NRES , PhD NRES

    Research Fields: Biodiversity/Ecology

    Areas of Expertise: fish ecology, thermal ecology, movement ecology, population dynamics


  • Mattfeld, Dr. Monica

    Supervises in: English , Interdisciplinary Studies

    Research Fields: Animal Welfare, Gender and Women's Studies, History

    Areas of Expertise: Eighteenth-Century Literature, Seventeenth-Century Literature, Animal Studies, Disability Studies, gender, theatre, sensibility, animal rights, performance, human-animal relationships, animals in history.


  • Menounos, Dr. Brian

    Research Fields: Climate Change, Earth Science, Environment, Geography, Glaciology, Natural Hazards, Natural Resources

    Areas of Expertise: glacier mass balance, climate change, cryosphere, geomorphology, Quaternary geology, natural hazards, earth system science