Find a Supervisor

  • Mohammad Kamali

    Research Fields: Energy, Engineering, Sustainability

    Areas of Expertise: Life cycle thinking, Sustainable construction, Life cycle sustainability assessment, Modular construction, Energy efficiency


  • Morgan, Dr. Kalindi

    Supervises in: MSc Chemistry

    Research Fields: Chemistry

    Areas of Expertise: Natural Product Discovery, Natural Product Isolation, Structure Elucidation, Bioinformatics, Natural Product Biosynthesis, Genome Mining, Drug Discovery


  • Mullins, Philip

    Supervises in: MNRES , MA NRES , MSc NRES , PhD NRES

    Research Fields: Anthropology, Culture, Education, Environment, Geography, Natural Resources, Northern Issues, Sustainability, Wildlife, Youth

    Areas of Expertise: Outdoor recreation, outdoor education, adventure education, adventure, expeditions, wilderness, travel, tourism, skill, environmental ethics, recreation management, experiential education, experiential learning, mobilities, phenomenology, hermeneutics, qualitative research methodologies.


  • Murray, Dr. Brent

    Supervises in: MSc NRES Biology , PhD NRES

    Research Fields: Biodiversity/Ecology, Conservation, Wildlife

    Areas of Expertise: Molecular Ecology and Evolution, Conservation Genetics, Biodiversity, Environmental DNA


  • Nolin, Dr. Catherine

    Supervises in: PhD NRES , MA NRES Geography , MA Interdisciplinary Studies

    Research Fields: Geography, Human Rights, Natural Resources

    Areas of Expertise: Guatemala, Central America, Canadian mining abroad, Forced Migration, Structural Violence, State Violence, Indigenous Rights, Human Rights, Social Justice, Experiential Learning, Field Schools, Genocide Studies, Refugees, Qualitative Research, Gender


  • Olson, Dr. Robert

    Supervises in: Interdisciplinary Studies

    Research Fields: Cancer, Health, Northern Issues, Rural Health Services

    Areas of Expertise: cancer, patient reported outcomes, clinical trials, rural health, radiotherapy


  • Owens, Dr. Philip

    Supervises in: MSc NRES Environmental Science , MSc NRES Geography , PhD NRES

    Research Fields: Earth Science, Environment, Geography, Soil Science

    Areas of Expertise: Landscape disturbance effects on aquatic systems, Soil erosion and river sediment, Soil and sediment contaminants, Wildfires, Mining


  • O’Neill, Dr. Linda

    Supervises in: MEd Counselling , PhD Health Sciences , MEd Leadership

    Research Fields: Addiction, Counselling, Mental Health, Northern Issues

    Areas of Expertise: Counselling; trauma-informed practice; complex trauma and PTSD; secondary trauma, intergenerational trauma


  • Parkes, Dr. Margot

    Supervises in: MA Interdisciplinary Studies , MSc Health Sciences , MSc Interdisciplinary Studies , MNRES Natural Resources Management , PhD Health Sciences , PhD NRES


  • Pawlowska-Mainville, Dr. Agnieszka (Agnes)

    Supervises in: MA International Studies


  • Pearce, Dr. Tristan

    Supervises in: PhD NRES , MA NRES Geography , MSc NRES Geography , MNRES


  • Preston, Dr. Michael

    Supervises in: MSc NRES , PhD NRES

    Research Fields: Biodiversity/Ecology, Climate Change, Environment, Forestry, Natural Resources

    Areas of Expertise: Microbial Ecology, Microbial Communities, Biogeochemistry, Soil Organic Carbon, Greenhouse Gases, Ecosystem Services, Carbon Cycle, Soils, Forests, Wetlands, Lakes


  • Qureshi, Dr. Ramla

    Supervises in: PhD , MASc Engineering , MEng Integrated Wood Design , MSc NRES , MNRES

    Research Fields: Natural Hazards, Natural Resources, Sustainability

    Areas of Expertise: Multi-hazard Structural Resilience, Fire Safety Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Protective Design, Sustainability


  • Rahemtulla, Dr. Farid

    Supervises in: MA Interdisciplinary Studies

    Areas of Expertise: Archaeology, ancient technologies, community engaged research


  • Raoufi, Dr. Mohammad

    Research Fields: Energy, Engineering, Sustainability


  • Rennie, Dr. Kriston

    Research Fields: History, Religion

    Areas of Expertise: Medieval history; medieval religion; heresy; ecclesiastical history; monasticism; historiography; medievalism; the papacy; the Roman Church; church councils; and canon law.


  • Roberts, Dr. Deborah

    Supervises in: MSc , PhD

    Research Fields: Energy, Environment, Natural Resources, Sustainability

    Areas of Expertise: environmental microbiology, biological treatment processes, extreme wastewater treatment, laboratory skills


  • Robinson, Dr. Rheanna

    Supervises in: First Nations Studies

    Research Fields: Disability, Education, Ethics, First Nations


  • Romanets, Dr. Maryna

    Supervises in: MA English , MA Gender Studies , MA Interdisciplinary Studies

    Research Fields: Culture, Gender and Women's Studies

    Areas of Expertise: Contemporary literature, comparative literature, postcolonial and world literature, women’s literature, gender studies, sexuality studies, pornography studies, cultural studies, Gothic studies, contemporary critical theory


  • Safaei, Dr. Jalil

    Supervises in: PhD Health Sciences , MA Development Economics , MA International Studies

    Research Fields: Economics, Health

    Areas of Expertise: Health Economics, Politics of Health and Healthcare, Econometrics, Macroeconomics