Physics Labs

Welcome to the UNBC Physics Lab Webpage

​Senior Laboratory Instructor

Don't hesitate to contact Dr. Jones with any comments, questions or concerns. 

Dr. George Jones

Phone: 250-960-5169
Office: 10-2014 - Teaching and Learning Building

Required Lab Supplies

Student Lab Safety Orientation Sticker

UNBC prides itself on maintaining a safe environment for its staff, faculty and  students. This is why all UNBC students wishing to take the physics lab are required to complete the Student Lab Safety Orientation (SLSO). Your are required to present proof of completions of the orientation to your lab instructor at the beginning of the first lab session. This proof comes in the form a sticker on your student ID card.


  • Paper
  • duo-tang
  • Lined paper
  • Calculator
  • Pen, pencil and eraser
  • Clear plastic ruler
  • Metric 1mm graph paper

Student Resou​rces

Having trouble getting the elusive 25/25 on your physics labs? Follow the link to a list of "Common Mistakes" students make to aid you in your quest!