Students' Rights and Responsibilities

Core Values and Statement of Principles

  1. The University of Northern British Columbia is a place of research, teaching, and learning, where members of the University Community value inclusiveness and diversity, community, integrity, and academic excellence. These values are supported through an unwavering commitment to free expression and debate in an atmosphere of respectful interactions, safety and good conduct.
  2. The University is committed to reconciliation and recognizing Aboriginal Ways of Knowing within the Academy. UNBC’s Motto, En Cha Huna, meaning “they also live,” sets a foundation of respect, and reflects a shared commitment to Responsibility, Reciprocity and Relationship in the interactions between students and the University Community as a whole.
  3. All members of the University Community share the responsibility for the academic standards and reputation of the University. Academic Integrity is founded on values of respect for knowledge, truth, scholarship and acting with honesty. Upholding Academic Integrity is in the interests of all members of the University and broader Community and is a condition of continued membership in the University Community.
  4. The University strives, whenever possible, to take an educational and developmental approach to Academic and Non-Academic Misconduct, informed by knowledge and respect for mental health, well-being, cultural differences, and principles of reconciliation.
  5. The University adheres to the principles of Procedural Fairness and Natural Justice in working to ensure that Students, Faculty and Staff are aware of their rights and responsibilities with respect to Academic and Non-Academic Conduct, in investigating alleged misconduct, and when taking steps to establish or impose consequences.

Academic and Non-Academic Student Conduct

UNBC is committed to creating a scholarly community characterized by free expression, open debate, critical and free inquiry, and diversity of thought and perspective; the orderly and safe enjoyment of University facilities by all members of the University Community; and the proper functioning of the University and protection of University property.

The Academic and Non-Academic Conduct Student Policy defines students' responsibilities as academic community members, defines inappropriate student conduct, and provides procedures and outcomes to be invoked if students engage in such behaviour. Each student is responsible for their conduct that affects the University community.

Other Relevant Policies for Students

Student Appeals

All students have the natural and reasonable right to appeal grades given during the term, the final grade of a course, requirement to withdraw, decisions the University makes regarding academic misconduct and suspension resulting from non-academic misconduct. The Senate Committee on Student Appeals is the final adjudicator in such matters.

After reviewing the above page and the policies and procedures linked to it, if you have any questions regarding your rights and responsibilities as a student please contact