Institutional Approval Request

Institutional Approval is needed when UNBC is a research site, and this approval acts as the necessary consent from the Institution.  

For the Research Ethics purposes, the institutional approval form must be completed by both internal and external researchers wishing to conduct research on faculty/staff/students of UNBC (where the participant status as such is a selection criteria for the research).  

Researchers must submit their ethics application to the UNBC REB. Internal researchers require a full review and external researchers require their home institution’s REB approval protocol and approval certificate.

Researchers must submit a copy of their questions or other engagement mechanisms, and the consent notice to the for approval.  If the research pertains to quality assurance or quality improvement of any of UNBC’s programs and services a copy must also be submitted to the UNBC Privacy Officer at  

Please work towards the completion of these steps for your research to proceed with recruitment at UNBC.