Under the leadership of the Provost, the primary role of the Office of the Provost is to oversee comprehensive strategic planning, development and implementation of academic matters at the University of Northern British Columbia.  The Office of the Provost collaborates with governance, academic, administrative, research, finance and other service areas of the University to ensure UNBC delivers excellence in academic programs and research initiatives. Above all, the Office of the Provost ensures that the needs of students, faculty and staff are met.  In addition, the Office of the Provost supports important UNBC programs such as Canada's Green University.

Our Mission

UNBC, founded as 'a university in the north for the north,'  holds as its mission to improve the quality of life in its region, the province, and beyond, by attaining the highest standards of undergraduate and graduate teaching, learning, and research. The Office of the Provost is committed to the University's mission of a healthy, safe, open, friendly, supportive, consultative and stimulating environment for student, staff and faculty. The Office of the Provost supports individual intellectual growth and personal fulfillment by managing the academic program of the University and safeguarding the principles of academic freedom, responsibility, education for its own sake, integrity, inclusion, respect for others, equity, fairness, operational efficiency, and public accountability.

The future is Post-Secondary Education

In a short period of time, UNBC has become one of Canada's premier small research intensive universities and has as its mission to provide quality undergraduate and graduate education for citizens in the North. A significant factor in the province's ability to compete in a global, knowledge-based economy will be its ability to provide a comprehensive and coordinated approach to post-secondary education in the North. This region is the engine of B.C.'s economy and the value-added brought to its resource base and the diversification of that base by the post-secondary education sector is critical to the future of the province. University, as well as trades and technical preparation, must be readily available to the citizens of all regions in northern British Columbia. UNBC currently has regional centers in Quesnel, Terrace, Prince Rupert, and Fort St. John.