Graduate Students in Psychology

Graduate Students

Graduate Student Advisor: Dr. Paul Siakaluk, (250)960-6120


Do I need to identify a faculty supervisor before I apply or as part of my application? 
Graduate training in Psychology relies on a mentorship model. At the graduate level, students are required to conduct research to earn their degree. Faculty who supervise the research must be competent in the area of research. For this reason, we ask applicants to name faculty members whose research interests align with yours. Faculty research interests are described at

Does the Department of Psychology at UNBC offer admission to all qualified applicants?
No. There must be a match between faculty expertise and an applicant's research interests, and there must be faculty available to supervise the research. We will not make an offer of admission if we do not have the expertise or faculty resources to supervise the proposed research. 

Does the Department of Psychology at UNBC offer training in professional psychology (e.g., Clinical or Counselling Psychology)?
No. Our program is not accredited for training in professional psychology.  Graduates of our programs are prepared to undertake careers in research and related activities, such as knowledge translation. 


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