QRRC Research Activities

The QRRC supports a wide range of extended field- and laboratory-based projects by faculty members, post-graduates and under-graduates from UNBC, and other universities and government agencies in BC, Canada and internationally.

Having been established primarily to provide a hub for studies relating to landscape ecology, we aim to facilitate research spanning interactions between the life, terrestrial, freshwater and atmospheric environmental sciences, as well as the socio-economic, cultural and historical components of human-natural systems.

In August 2014, catastrophic failure of the dam containing the tailings pond at the Mount Polley Mine released approximately 25 million cubic metres of sediment and water into Quesnel Lake. This has prompted a wide-ranging investigation of potential impacts on the area's aquatic geochemistry and ecology. Details of the ongoing research project, supported by Environment and Climate Change Canada's Environmental Damages Fund, are provided here.

We encourage researchers, educators and scholars interested in the extraordinary environmental characteristics of the Quesnel River Watershed to base their projects at the QRRC: more information of what we are able to offer is available here.