UNBC to depart from tradition during 25th Anniversary

February 24, 2015

Prince George, BC – Across Canada, the installation of a new president at a university is an impressive event. It is a ceremony steeped in tradition, during which an incoming president receives his/her ceremonial Convocation robes and outlines a future vision for the institution.

UNBC President Daniel Weeks is breaking from that tradition, and has announced he will forego the official installation ceremony, and instead direct the cost savings towards student awards.

“We know that one in five of our students receive a financial award, a significant factor in their decision to pursue their post-secondary education at UNBC,” says Dr. Weeks. “I feel it is important to invest in our students, the people who are the reason we exist.”

Dr. Weeks’ installation will now take place during the 2015 College of Arts, Social and Health Sciences convocation ceremony on May 29. He will make his Inaugural Address, in which he will lay out his vision for the coming years, as part of UNBC’s 25th Anniversary Finale celebrations on June 20.

“I commend Dr. Weeks for the leadership and vision he’s showing by redirecting these funds - this is a clear signal of his commitment to students,” says John Turner, UNBC’s Board Chair. “The unique circumstance of UNBC’s 25th Anniversary provides an opportune moment for Dr. Weeks to share his vision for the future. This is a pivotal year for UNBC, one in which we hope to develop new ideas, and set new frameworks that will see our next quarter century outpace the last one.”


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