UNBC Alumni Give University Top Marks

June 22, 2015

Prince George, BC – More than 90 per cent of UNBC graduates are satisfied with their university experience and more than 80 per cent are employed in fields related to their area of study, according to the first comprehensive survey of alumni commissioned by the University.

The survey is the largest of its kind in UNBC’s history and will help to inform the university’s integrated planning process.

“The results of the alumni survey demonstrate the overwhelming majority of graduates are both satisfied with their experience at UNBC and believe their education was useful for their current job and future career opportunities,” says UNBC President Dr. Daniel Weeks. “With more than two thirds of employed alumni reporting that they work in management, UNBC is succeeding in producing the next generation of leaders.”

Pictures of UNBC Alumni
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Highlights of the survey include:

  • 93 per cent of respondents rated their satisfaction with their UNBC experience as either very satisfied or somewhat satisfied.
  • More than 95 per cent of graduates were living in Canada at the time of the survey, of those 82 per cent were living in British Columbia. Of those living in B.C., more than 60 per cent were living in the North.
  • The unemployment rate among participants was only 4.1 per cent.
  • Half of employed graduates (49.7 per cent) found work within a month of graduating and 83.7 per cent were employed within six months.
  • Among employed alumni, 69 per cent are working in management or executive level jobs.
  • Health and Medicine was listed as the top employment industry.
  • The two highest rated skills graduates credited to their UNBC educate were critical thinking and the ability to independently acquire skills and knowledge.
  • 93 per cent of respondents indicated that not only is their UNBC education useful in their current job, they also perceive it would be useful for future career opportunities.

There were 1,490 valid completed surveys, representing a 13.4 per cent response rate. Alumni completed the survey between Feb. 10 and March 8, 2015. UNBC alumnus and PhD student Alex Fraess-Phillips designed and implemented the survey.

“Our engaged alumni who shared their thoughts with UNBC made this survey possible,” says Alumni Association of UNBC President Andrew Seabrook. “The Alumni Association values the feedback we received and thanks all of those who participated in the process.”