Laboratory Safety

The goal of the UNBC Laboratory Safety Program is to make UNBC a healthy and safe place for students, staff, faculty, and visitors. To assist you in making your laboratory a safe environment for those working in or visiting your lab, UNBC’s Safety Officers conduct annual inspections and help you identify techniques to help improve lab safety. We are also available for advice and consultation to help you create a safe environment for anyone working in or visiting your laboratory.  The UNBC Laboratory Safety Committee has developed the attached checklist for inspections that assess laboratory risks and safety precautions for chemicals, gases, biological agents and waste management. We will use this list to inspect all UNBC laboratories and are providing everyone an opportunity to identify and correct possible deficiencies in your workspace before we commence our new inspection program. Any feedback that you have on the checklist or the process will be accepted and used to help improve the program.

The UNBC Laboratory Safety Committees coordinate and monitor laboratory safety functions and guidelines associated with research and teaching laboratories. The Laboratory Safety Committee addresses general lab safety, chemical safety, and Biosafety.  The Radiation Safety Committee address radiological and radiation related functions. Both committees promote a safe work environment and make recommendations concerning compliance with Federal, Provincial, and Local regulations. The  Laboratory Safety Committee meets quarterly, at a minimum.


Laboratory Safety Committee Members

Tammy Klassen-Ross
Chair, Asst Professor, HLSC (FOHHS)

Alina Constantin
Co-Chair, Sr. Lab Instructor (FOHHS)

Saphida Migabo
Sr. Lab Instructor - ESM (FOE)

Kaila Fadock
Sr. Lab Instructor (FOSE)

Maik Gehloff
Sr. Lab Instructor- WIRL (FOSE)

Samuel Hanson
Asst Professor, CHEM (FOSE)

Sam Smith 
Graduate Student

Calin Claassens
NUGSS Representative

Natalie de Bruyn
NHSRF Coordinator, 


Lydia Troc
Health & Safety Manager

Conan Ma
Chemical Safety Officer

Laboratory Safety Committee Terms of Reference
Terms of Reference -2021

Laboratory Safety Meeting Minutes

Radiation Safety

The use of radioactive materials is governed by the Nuclear Safety & Control Act, which is administered by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC). The Act and Regulations require a Radiation Safety Program guided by the university’s Radiation Safety Committee and enforced by the university’s Radiation Safety Officers.

The policies and procedures that make up the Radiation Safety Program have been established to maintain a reasonable level of control over the use and disposal of radioactive materials while conforming with the Nuclear Safety & Control Act without unduly hampering the development of experimental programs. The compliance and cooperation of individual users with the Program is a vital element to its success.

Radiation Safety Committee Members

Sarah Gray
Associate Professor

Martha Stark
Adjunct Professor

Matt Reid
Professor, PHYS

Hossein Kazemian
Senior Lab Instructor, NALS

Andrea Gorrell
Associate Professor, BIOCHEM

Chow Lee
Professor, CHEM

Lydia Troc, Chair
Manager Health & Safety, RSO

Conan Ma, Co-Chair
Dispensing Chemist