Operating a Vehicle on behalf of UNBC

Automobiles or other motorized vehicles used for fieldwork activities require special care to be taken to comply with local laws and regulations. For vehicles registered in British Columbia, it is mandatory for the vehicle to be insured by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.
Authorization is required in order to operate a University owned or leased vehicle.  If an accident were to occur, it is possible that the individual's driving record could be affected.  It must be noted that the University cannot protect an individual's driving record.  An important note, if there is theft or damage of personal property it is not covered under the UNBC insurance policy.
Students, Faculty and Staff with a "L" designation will not be permitted to rent or use vehicles for University business. Individuals with a "N" designation will not be permitted to carry passengers.
Under NO circumstance will the rental or use of 15 passenger vans be permitted.
What is covered under the University's insurance
What does an employee or a volunteer need to know about driving their own or a borrowed vehicle for an institutions activities?
When an employee or authorized volunteer driver has an accident while operating a licensed vehicle for an approved activity, they should be aware that their own policy is primary, and that losses/accidents will affect their own policy and driving record and that the Protection Program is excess to the vehicle coverage.

There are two possible circumstances which will disqualify the driver and/or vehicle owner under the UCIPP:
i) Where the vehicle is used for a purpose other than what it is insured for under ICBC;
ii) When the vehicle is operated in violation of any motor vehicle regulation or section of the criminal code.
Note: Personal belongings contained within a vehicle are neither insured by ICBC nor the Protection Program. The driver should look to their homeowners/tenants insurance for this coverage.
What happens if there is physical damage to an employee’s or volunteers owned or borrowed vehicle?
It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to insure physical damage directly with ICBC and the vehicle owner will bear all costs of damage.
Should students be permitted to drive their own cars on institution activities?
For some types of activities students may be permitted to make their own arrangements for transportation. They should be aware that their own insurance policy will be required to respond, and that losses/accidents will affect their own policy and driving record.
What is covered by the University, College & Institute Protection Property Program?
All property, excluding licensed vehicles, and which is eligible for Ministry of Advanced Education funding is covered. This means that property that is leased, rented or lent to the institution is not covered, and arrangements must be made with the Director Supply Managements’ office in order that special insurance can be arranged.
Is employee’s personal property covered under the program?
No, unless there is a prior written agreement with the College, and then, only for employees personal property as set out in the Protection Program Reference Manual which is in the office of the Director Supply Management.
Is students’ personal property covered under the program?
No, it is not.