Safety Officers

Jordan Wilbey, Chemical Safety Officer
Phone: 250-960-6472

Hossein Kazemian, Radiation Safety Officer
Phone: 250-960-5168

Mike Bell, Bio Safety Officer
Phone: 250-960-5140

Continuity of Service Plan

A framework that aims to ensure the continuation of required university operations and services, including teaching and research.

Safety and Risk Services


  • Providing consultation and guidance to students, staff and faculty in their respective area of expertise
  • Reviewing and updating relevant university policies and procedures pertaining to ordering, storing, using and disposing chemical, biological or radioactive materials    
  • Keeping current with municipal, provincial, federal and international regulatory requirements
  • Submitting written reports as required throughout the year
  • Conducting training for students, staff, and faculty as needed
  • Responding to accidents and incidents to provide guidance and conduct investigations
  • Conducting inspections and audits to ensure university policies and procedures are being followed in laboratories