UNBC security services are located west of the main library entrance in the Agora.

Security operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They conduct patrols on foot and in a vehicle and respond to emergencies, fire alarm activations and monitor closed-circuit television (CCTV). They maintain lost and found records and are responsible for the sign out of keys to contractors, providing authorized access into space around campus and are the providers of occupational first aid.


  • CCTV monitoring
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Maintains Lost and Found Property
  • Provide authorized access to facilities
  • Responds to Emergencies
  • Safe Walk Program
  • Security Patrols

Emergency Contacts

Contact Non-Emergency Emergency
Security office 250-960-7058 Local 3333 (internal only)
First Aid 250-960-7058 Local 3333 (internal only)
Manager, Security & Parking    250-960-5560
RCMP 250-561-3300 911
Fire Department 250-561-7664 911
Ambulance 250-562-7241 911

Safe Walk

UNBC Security Services provides a safe walk program to the UNBC Community whereby they will walk employees, students and visitors to their destination on campus. This service is offered 24 hours per day, 365 days of the year.

To request a safe walk please call security on 250-960-7058 (27058 internally).

Emergency Telephones

UNBC Security Services are on duty 24 hours per day, seven days per week to answer calls for assistance. Emergency Telephones are located throughout the main Prince George Campus and can be used to report suspicious activity and to request assistance. These telephones provide a direct line to the security office when activated.

Location of Emergency Telephones

Please familiarize yourself with the locations of these telephones​.

Booth 0: Parking Lot A - Center
Booth 1: Parking Lot A - North
Booth 2: Parking Lot A - South
Booth 3: Parking lot B - South
Booth 4: Parking Lot B - North
Booth 6: Residence Parking lot
Booth 7: Residence Court
Booth 8: Winter Gardens/Neyoh pathway
Booth 9: Parking lot B University
Booth 10: NSC 1 – Parking Lot
Booth 11: NSC 2 – Parking Lot
Booth 12: Field House West (NSC Sports Centre)
Booth 13: Field House East (NSC Sports Centre)
Booth 14: Track East (NSC Sports Centre)
Booth 15: Track West (NSC Sports Centre)
Booth 16: Gymnasium (NSC (Sports Centre)

Elevators fitted with Emergency Telephones​​

Elevators around the main Prince George Campus are also fitted with emergency lines that report directly through to the security ​office.

  • Administration
  • Conference Centre
  • Lab # 4 (Research)
  • Lab # 8 (Teaching)
  • Library (North)
  • Library (South)
  • Medical NHSC
  • Sports Centre NSC
  • Teaching & Learning East
  • Teaching & Learning West
  • Winter Garden
  • Neyoh (Res 1)
  • Keyoh (Res 2)

Lost and Found​

All property found at UNBC, of which the rightful owner cannot immediately be ascertained, must be turned into the UNBC Lost and Found at the Security Office as soon as practical.

The operation of the UNBC Lost and Found Office is the responsibility of the Assistant Director, Safety & Security, who shall ensure that proper directives are in place to govern the receipt, safekeeping, return and disposal of all Lost and Found property.

The Security department is responsible to maintain records.

  • Perishable items will be disposed of daily in whatever manner is appropriate
  • All mugs and travel mugs will be taken directly to “Degree’s Coffee” located in the Teaching and Learning Centre Atrium for participation in the Green initiative BAM – Borrow A Mug program
  • Found property may be claimed at the UNBC Security Services office, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week upon the production of photographic identification
  • If the rightful owner is contacted but has not claimed, or the owner is not found in 90 days, property may be turned over to the finder wishing to claim it EXCEPT for cash and high value items. If neither the rightful owner nor the finder claims found property, it will be disposed of.
  • Books identified with markings belonging to libraries or other Institutions will be returned as soon as possible.
  • Any University textbook not included above will be sold at the UNBC Bookstore buyback.
  • At least once a year, a disposal sale will be held. The sale will be advertised at least two weeks prior and is open to everyone except security personnel. Any unsold items will then be donated to a NUSC share shelves.
  • Proceeds obtained from the sale of the Lost and Found property are to be held in a university account used to enhance student/security relations.