Response And Support Team 

The Response and Support Team consists of highly trained members of the University Community who have been selected based on their experience. In order to support the RST, the University has a group of internal and external experts to ensure support is provided to a Survivor/Person affected by a case of Sexual Violence and Misconduct.

The RST will respond to Reports of Sexual Violence and Misconduct according to the Policy. The RST has been mandated to ensure Reports of Sexual Violence and Misconduct are investigated and handled in a manner that supports all individuals involved and address the situation by conducting fair investigations and providing proper support.

In a case of Disclosure, the RST can/will be able to assist the Survivor/Person affected by Sexual Violence or Misconduct and the person who received the disclosure in a confidential manner by ensuring proper support is provided.


Justin Foster
Director, Student Success
Phone: 250-960-5700

Kerry Roberts
Director, Human Resources
Phone: 250-960-5576
Cell: 250-613-1764


Report – a formal Report made by a Member of the University Community to the Response and Support Team of an incident of Sexual Violence and/or Misconduct with the intention of initiating an investigation process.

Disclosure – a person chooses to share information with another person about an instance of Sexual Violence or Misconduct. A Disclosure does not initiate an investigation unless a Report is made or any of the following conditions exist:

  1. An individual is deemed to be at imminent risk of self-harm;
  2. An individual is deemed to be at imminent risk of harming others;
  3. Reporting is required by law.