Si Transken

Si hopes to someday soon (AGAIN) to be teaching GNDR/SWRK Special Topics 498/698 as Autoethnography and Arts Based Research. The course is about using autoethnography, photographs, stories, poems, creative formats to collect, organize and display and share information. It will be very interesting for social workers, counseling students, psychology students and community activists.

Download the course outline here: GNDR/SWRK 498/698: Special Topic!

For more information on this class, please e-mail her at, or call her at 250-960-6643.

Si Transken

This is the UNBC-based homepage of Si Transken, Associate Professor, Social Work. Here you will find more information about Si and her teaching, her communities, her writing and her art. Feel free to adventure around!

"Transken's material is very accurate, intense, uplifting, depressing, complicated and astonishingly simple. In her prose and poetry (and in her activist life) she demonstrates a sincere and powerful committment to enhancing women's lives. That she lives her life that way (as a feminist activist/scholar/poet) and takes risks makes her someone we can respect and affirm."

- Christal Capostinsky, Social Justice Activist and Executive Director of New Hope