BSW: Child Welfare Specialization

Program Description

Students enrolled in the CWS are required to complete their fourth year practicum with the Ministry for Children and Family Development or a fully delegated First Nations child welfare agency. Completion of the specialization is noted on the student’s graduating transcript.

Program Requirements

Mode of Study

The school of social work offers a full-time and part-time program of studies using both classroom-based and web-based courses. Given the increasing use of online learning technology, it is important to become familiar with Blackboard as an online learning environment.

The Northern Social Work Student Association with support from the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology host a Blackboard site where students can participate in a variety of online activities. It is recommended that you contact the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology to acquire information on how to log into Blackboard.


Total Credits: 60

Required Courses

See UNBC Calendar for detailed information

Total Required Course Credits: 57

Elective Cour​ses

Any one upper division social work elective course.

Total Elective Course Credits: 3

*Students must have a human growth and development course prior to graduating with a BSW. If this course  as taken prior to entry into the BSW, students can replace it with an additional elective.

Application Procedures

The admissions criteria and application process for the Child Welfare Specialization are the same as applying to the BSW Program.

Admission Requirements


For information on UNBC admission requirements, please contact:

Registrar’s Office
Toll Free in Canada: 1-888-419-5588
Phone: 250-960-6351

Program Planning

The availability of approved field placements for the specialization is limited and may require relocation. Students, who elect not to take the required Child Welfare practicum in their 4th year, will receive a general BSW degree.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a separate application that needs to be submitted for the Child Welfare Specialization?
Upon admission, students will declare that they are completing the CWS.

Is tuition higher to complete the specialization?
There are no extra fees associated with this program. Completion of both the general BSW and the Child Welfare Specialization are based on the same fee schedule for BSW program or 60 credits for BSW graduation.

Once in the Program, who can I talk to regarding courses and options?
Students may consult with a Student Advisor.

Will I be guaranteed a job?
A successful completion does not guarantee employment in a First Nations Organization or Community.

Will the specialization limit my employment opportunities?
You will be granted a BSW Degree and you will be qualified to apply for positions that specify a BSW requirement.

If I complete this degree, does it affect my applying for a MSW Program?
No, as long as your grade point average (GPA) is satisfactory you are eligible to apply to any MSW Program as the UNBC BSW Program is fully accredited with the Canadian Association of Schools of Social Work.

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Child Welfare Specialization