Student Groups

Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship

Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship is a staff-supported student club at UNBC.  IVCF has a long tradition of Christian witness at universities all over the world and has an emphasis on thoughtful discipleship.  Students from all churches and no church at all are welcome.

Facebook Page: IVCF@UNBC

International Student Ministries

International Student Ministries partners with dozens of families and individuals in Prince George to offer programs and friendships unconditionally to all international students.  ISM works in cooperation with the international student programs at UNBC and CNC. For Christian students and those interested in learning about the Christian faith they also offer Bible studies and Christian fellowship groups.

Local Staff: Owen Brown

The Muslim Student Association

The Muslim Student Association welcomes Muslim students at UNBC and fosters a supportive community that can help Muslim and non-Muslim students understand and befriend each other.

UNBC Contact: Helal Lutfi