UNBC Intramurals

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The spirit of intramural competition

Involvement in sports activities can teach an individual a great deal about life, such as goal setting, teamwork and cooperation, but these positive values can only be learned when the sport is enjoyable and played fairly. The foundation of the intramural league will be based on the fair play principles of integrity, fairness and respect. Specifically, these principles are:

  • Respect the rules
  • Respect the officials and their decisions
  • Respect your opponents
  • Maintain your self-control at all times

Who can participate?

Current UNBC students who have paid Intramural Recreation & Fitness fee! To play, you need a valid UNBC student card with a valid U-Pass sticker. Bring your student card to all games. 

Sports offered

  • Basketball
  • Indoor Soccer
  • Volleyball

Officials Wanted!

Basketball, soccer, and volleyball intramural officials are being hired by UNBC Athletics. If you are interested in being an official, please e-mail your resume to ikuta@unbc.ca

Officials must:

  • Have played and have an understanding of the rules and regulations of the sport
  • Be reliable
  • Be a current UNBC student


Kaz Ikuta
Intramural Coordinator
(250) 960-5884

Northern Sport Centre Policy

Every participant MUST fob in at the NSC front desk prior to playing each night

UNBC Athletics Policy

- Varsity soccer players (members of UNBC's varsity Timberwolves program) are not eligible to participate in intramural soccer
- Varsity basketball players (members of UNBC's varsity Timberwolves program) are not eligible to participate in intramural basketball